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Designing a holistic and sustainable approach towards business with ESG

Shubha Kumar

Chief Sustainability Officer

Sachin Zute

Chief Financial Officer

Shubha Kumar, CSO and Sachin Zute, CFO on going full steam ahead towards Net Zero, embedding sustainable thinking into core business practices and mapping a successful ESG roadmap.


We take responsibility for our planet and our communities in all aspects of our work.


We drive initiatives dedicated to societal progress - focusing on environment, education and employability.


We commit to a progressive inclusion policy and a workplace free of discrimination.


Ownership and strategic direction

ESG is no longer auxiliary to business strategy. We have leadership commitment and accountability of our ESG goals at the highest level. Our leaders drive sustainable-thinking, institute the right practices, processes and organizational structure to co-create a transformational ESG vision.


How to identify and manage ESG risks

ESG investments don’t deliver short-term, quarterly returns so it is important to outline a long-term vision, identifying areas of cost optimization and addressing potential risks. Further, this road map must be clearly communicated to stakeholders to set up the right performance expectations.


Align organizational direction with ESG objectives


Integrate energy, environmental considerations with infrastructural design


Promote energy-efficient initiatives and eco-friendly procurement standards


Adopt the reduce-reuse-recycle philosophy to handle waste


Share stories of climate change, conservation and sustainability


Inspiring employee engagement

Our aim is to integrate ESG principles into the fabric of our culture and inspire every employee, whether associated with delivery, sales, marketing or human resource to answer the question, “How can I bring sustainability into the way I work?”

How we are accelerating inclusive and sustainable growth for our people, our clients and our shareholders

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Building trust, credibility and reputation

Working with top-notch, reputed firms for regular communication, audits, and disclosures, and focusing on the real experiences that people have are indicators that establish authenticity, reliance and trustworthiness. It’s also important to underline the quantifiable impact of ESG initiatives, wherever applicable.


Holding ourselves accountable against our ESG commitments

Apart from Zensar’s ESG council, which includes C-suite representation, we are also overseen by a committee at the group (RPG) level. We are committed to ensure that our responsibility towards sustainability extends further to our eco-system of internal and external stakeholders.