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Consumer Services

Consumer Services

How Can We Help You?

Digital strategy and execution

Develop comprehensive digital transformation roadmaps, build cloud-native full-stack applications, modernize legacy technology stacks, and automate business processes to enhance operational efficiency and drive growth with our expertise.

Elevate customer experience

We help build unique experiences for shoppers through omnichannel integration, personalization, in-store experience, intuitive web, and mobile apps.

Package implementation

We implement and support enterprise applications, including SAP, Oracle, Salesforce, Manhattan, and Blue Yonder, to drive operational excellence for our clients.

Data-driven decision making

Our cutting-edge advisory, enterprise data architecture, domain consulting, and plan-build-deploy services empower clients to maximize ROI from available resources.


We offer comprehensive co-innovation opportunities to clients by leveraging our investments in AI/ML, AR/VR, blockchain, digital twin, IoT, and more.

Our Offerings

Digital commerce

Digital commerce

We provide holistic services that reshape how enterprises engage, transact, and serve their customers in today’s omnichannel environment, spanning online, offline, and contact center modes. Our offerings include tailored composable commerce solutions complemented by our Oracle Commerce and Salesforce Commerce expertise.

Warehouse Management System

Reinforce operational agility with accelerated build and integration into the enterprise, and advanced analytics driven by gen AI

Our Experience

Discover the stories that show how we’re transforming business through our expertise, digital transformation, and much more.

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