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Lifecycle Application Management and Business Software Development

Lifecycle Application Management and Business Software Development

Untangle complex operations so your employees, customers, and clients can work efficiently and be productive.

Centralized and Distributed Control, Maintenance, and Application Management


Adapt to the changing way applications are built and managed.

Return on Investment

Get tangible ROI, revenue, and cost optimization through portfolio transformation.


New methodologies make traditional application management models more nimble, agile, and adaptable.

No silos

Create application landscapes without barriers between processes, apps, and infrastructure.

Our Offerings

Core Services

Core Services

Keep the heart of your business running efficiently with our application support, maintenance, and chaos engineering services.

“Zensar has long-serving expertise in AMS spread across various industries. Its AMS services are strengthened by the company's SAMURAI framework and proprietary tools, which have an AI and ML flavor.”

Recognized Leader in ISG Provider Lens™ Next-gen Application Development and Maintenance (ADM) Services, Application Maintenance Services – Midmarket / Niche

Approximately 20-30% improved Net Promoter Score through better user experience

Nearly 2-3x faster go-to-market through predictive and prescriptive service

Approximately 25-30% improvement in operational efficiency through focus on business outcomes

Client Stories

How we've helped clients rise to the challenge

Interested in finding out how you can bring velocity to your business with our application services?


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