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Fostering societal resilience and a sense of purpose: our CSR impact


Radha Goenka, Director, RPG Foundation, talks about living up to the brand mission of touching lives and spreading joy, driving cross-company collaborations and how diverse partner capabilities come together to create a coherent strategy for long-term value creation.

We address pressing needs of underserved communities

We leverage expertise of donor organizations and innovate

We partner with the government to achieve impact at scale

Our long-term commitment of building equitable opportunities

Our long-term commitment is to build more equitable opportunities for underserved communities. We leverage the connections of our donor organizations and galvanize impact at scale.


Using the right technology to drive and scale initiatives

The pandemic accelerated technology adoption far beyond our imagination. This has had a far-reaching impact in the education sector, deepening our reach and allowing for a higher level of customization.



Pehlay Akshar Foundation empowers children with English literacy and develops a learning mindset



Heritage Project revives lesser known and forgotten heritage sites, practices and influences, enabling unique experiences



Swayam Health initiative provides professional healthcare treatment to women and youth of underserved communities


Community Development

Fever clinics, in the form of portable cabins provide healthcare to people living in the rural areas of Maharashtra

The impact of our four programme pillars

Our work is anchored in four main areas – education, employability, heritage revival and community development – and ultimately, ties in closely with our vision of addressing the needs of often overlooked sections of society.


Key learnings from driving cross company alignment

Our network of funders represent diverse sectors – this means, we are able to go the extra mile and deepen our impact because we have access of various types of resources whether it is infrastructure, technological or manufacturing.


How corporate purpose addresses social needs

A sense of purpose around how we want to look beyond profitability and impact society has ushered in accountability and funding. It has also attracted talent and enriched organizational culture.