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Data Engineering

Data Engineering

Unlock value from all your data assets, establish a data-rich foundation, and extract meaningful insights to identify potential payoffs.

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Maximize the impact of your digital initiatives and elevate business performance with our data-driven capabilities.

Data quality

Bridge data gaps and ensure data accuracy, relevance, integrity, completeness, and consistency for improved insights and decision quality.

Data accessibility

Intuitive, enhanced data retrieval improves user experience.

Data usability

Build and fine-tune systems to transform and consolidate data from disparate sources for optimized consumption and user access.

Single source of truth

Get a 360-degree view of customer data for insights into past behaviors and critical touchpoints for delivering seamless experiences.

Data Engineering Services

Cloud data engineering
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Cloud data engineering

Enable quick, reliable, and democratic data consumption with the latest, ready-to-use cloud-provided services, infrastructure, and tools.

Master data management and data quality
02  —  04

Master data management and data quality

Ensure the availability of accurate, consistent, and complete data across the enterprise and to business partners to achieve complex data-driven business objectives.

Big data and traditional ETL
03  —  04

Big data and traditional ETL

Manage, use, and make sense of the ever-increasing volumes of data to build ETL for the future.

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Increase the efficiency of your data-related operations by incorporating agile and DevOps features to orchestrate and monitor data operations pipelines.

“Zensar integrated diverse data systems and simplified data structures to transform a traditional analytics tool into a more robust and scalable platform that improved performance and cost optimization for us.”

– CIO of a technology conglomerate

Up to 40 percent improvement in data quality issues with our proprietary iDQ platform

Nearly 33 percent improvement in time-to-insight through streamlined workflows

Up to 70 percent reduction in data storage costs through strategic data architecture

Client Stories

Learn how we've have helped clients in Banking, Insurance, Retail, and Hi-Tech Manufacturing achieve success.

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More data engineering and analytics services

Business ideas, goals, and problems aren’t one-size-fits-all. Business solutions shouldn’t be either

Our partners

We team up with industry-leading solutions and platform providers so that our clients are empowered to achieve, adopt, and grow through continuous improvements in a changing world.