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Digital Experience Management to Monitor and Manage Real-Time Journeys

Digital Experience Management to Monitor and Manage Real-Time Journeys

Our global command centers offer full-stack visibility to monitor, manage, and improve user experience in real time.

Personalized Experiences, Actionable Dashboards, and Real User Monitoring


Integrate full-stack monitoring for an enhanced digital experience. Get clear observation across the stack to view every cloud transaction.

Human Experience

Create a positive human experience that's digitally enriched with emotional intelligence.


Benefit from ready-to-go monitoring and management solutions with high service uptime and actionable dashboards.


Artificial intelligence captures nuance and expression to quantify emotions and create personalized experiences.

Digital Experience Management Services

Connected experience

Connected experience

Simplify complexities to deliver a superior experience with seamless integration.

Zensar’s digital experience management helped our company create continually superior experiences for customers by keeping things fine-tuned and optimized."

– Client Testimonial

24x7 operational support and seamless global delivery

Up to 98% reduction in downtime

Approximately 20-30% reduction in testing time and productivity through optimized frameworks

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