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As an Amazon Web Services Advance Tier partner, Zensar is committed to bringing competitive differentiation with AWS Cloud.
As an Amazon Web Services Advance Tier partner, Zensar is committed to bringing competitive differentiation with AWS Cloud.

As an Amazon Web Services Advance Tier partner, Zensar is committed to bringing competitive differentiation with AWS Cloud.

Zensar combines digital transformation expertise and an engineering pedigree to drive innovation, agility, and scale through enhanced AWS adoption. We have a 360-degree relationship with AWS, offering their Advance Tier Services for enterprise transformation as a partner, while also serving them as a client through our experience-led engineering. Our customized cloud adoption framework helps accelerate business outcomes by improving cloud readiness.
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Partner-specific offerings

Partner-specific offerings

Zensar partners with AWS, leveraging its engineering capabilities to enable cloud-native enterprise transformation. We have built comprehensive solutions to help organizations achieve their business objectives.

AWS Cloud strategy and assessment

Zensar’s AWS readiness assessment analyzes workloads, applications, and data before moving to AWS Cloud. We calculate TCO and provide a detailed migration approach report aligning with the strategy and budget.

Architecture and operating model

Zensar’s cloud operating model supports enterprise transformation. We implement reference architecture, create reusable components, and build and innovate using Guilds and Communities of Practice.

AWS seamless cloud migration (D3AI, SAP Workload)

Zensar’s data center transformation and migration focus on cloud strategy and roadmap while defining best practices for rationalization and application modernization (D3AI, SAP, Mainframes).

AWS native development and engineering

Zensar’s cloud development approach involves cloud-native services, application-centric design, and automation using DevSecOps to provide organizations with long-term agility and growth commercially.

AWS Cloud managed operations

Zensar’s cloud-managed services work on the build, operate, and transfer model, specializing in security and service management, data, and automation to save cost, improve efficiency, and enable governance.
Securing Financial Applications on AWS

Industry-specific solutions

Zensar partners with AWS, leveraging its capabilities and domain expertise across focused industry verticals. We have built comprehensive solutions to enable organizations to harness the best of enterprise velocity.

Migrating on-prem to AWS Guidewire

AWS Guidewire software empowers property and casualty (P/C). Zensar has built frameworks and methodologies leveraging deep domain expertise in the P/C industry, particularly Guidewire.

Zensar's AI/ML-driven Smart Advisor

AI-powered Smart Advisor empowers advisory firms and investors by assimilating portfolio-related market data, analyzing positive/negative market sentiments, and considering risk in portfolio-level ESG exposure.

Composable Commerce

Zensar’s Composable Commerce is a framework and reusable toolkit for clients to create commerce that adapts faster to business needs and operates efficiently using modularity, MASA, and multi-experiences principles.

SiERRA (supply chain)

SiERRA automates supply chain testing, reducing time and cost incurred through manual testing. Users can work with static and dynamic resources and build graphical performance analyses for testing purposes.

Domain microservices catalog

Zensar-developed microservices management platform accelerates transformation, enabling the creation and delivery of world-class cloud-native software for commerce, supply chain, P and C, and digital banking.

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