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Smart Connections

Fresh Directions

Making sure our clients thrive in a world of constant change

Our philosophy

At Zensar, our purpose is to ensure our clients thrive in a world of constant change.

Empathetic and energetic, brilliant and bold, our teams join together every day to make smart connections — connections that embrace the diverse and the unexpected, unlocking new ideas that lead to fresh directions. Guided by our people-first culture, we transform these ideas into impact-driven solutions for our clients and communities.

Our brand promise

Every brand makes a promise, an unwavering commitment that guides its path. Along the user journey, every touchpoint — physical, personal, or digital — keeps that promise alive or dims its shine.

At Zensar, we do things differently. We create meaningful connections with all our employees, going beyond what they want and need. We understand their thoughts and feelings. And together, our teams work hand in hand to make sure our clients succeed. We create wonderful experiences across touchpoints for our clients’ customers, helping our clients also stay true to their own promises.

Our experience pillars
  • Put people

    We champion a people-first approach and trust that every action, decision, and solution should power the continual progress of the people behind and in front of the technology.

  • Embrace the

    We think that every unanticipated event we confront allows us to evolve and learn. Therefore, we welcome change and are always ready for potential impact.

  • Solve

    We unite across teams, geographies, and skill sets to spark new ideas and turn our collective expertise into action. We understand this is pivotal to succeed in a highly dynamic world.

  • Take charge of
    client success

    We believe in identifying even the unarticulated needs of our clients; so we watch for clues and cues that enable us to unlock new possibilities.

Our strategy

Think velocity

We understand the need for urgent transformation, but we also acknowledge that change is complex, so simply adopting solutions at speed is not enough. Rather, we apply speed with direction to create tangible, effective results. This does not mean we pursue a rigid path. Instead, we are nimble and respond to technological, cultural, and regulatory headwinds in ways that do not deviate from our strategic vision.

How does this tie into the Smart Connections-Fresh Directions philosophy?
The power of Smart Connections motivates us every day at Zensar, energizing us to do more, be more, and deliver Fresh Directions that move our world forward.

Think Velocity. Think Zensar.

Our toolkit

The Zensar brand toolkit provides the basic building blocks of our visual identity and assets. So, dive in for all the information you need.

Brand toolkit