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Digital Engineering

Digital Engineering

Build new digital products, applications, and platforms with experience-led engineering for a cohesive and seamless customer experience.

Bringing together human-centered experience, domain expertise, and technology to create products that you love.


Future-proof technology and architecture with cloud composability and engineering-driven resilience.


Reinvigorate products and applications for application ecosystem-based API economy.

Stand out

Focus on creating exceptional human experiences across personas with design thinking.


Expand business opportunities with democratized engineering, DevSecOps, and cloud industrialization.

Digital Engineering Services



Enjoy the advantages of cloud computing, PaaS, containers, and hyperscale services with platforms such as Tanzu and OpenShift to build and run applications.



Leverage the best of front-end engineering, content management platforms, low-and no-code platforms, and native and hybrid mobile apps to create intuitive experiences.



Cover digital engineering entirely through bespoke application engineering, Kubernetes, and other orchestrators and business platforms.



Make applications future-ready and scalable using API engineering, API platforms, domain-aligned microservices, and B2B, B2C, and B2E integration.



Achieve greater speed and agility for security teams with continuous everything — chaos engineering, site reliability engineering, release and environment management, and enterprise-scale rollouts.

Zensar’s deep domain knowledge and Velocity platform delivered streamlined experiences, customer satisfaction, and faster time-to-value for us."

– Client testimonial

Achieved up to 35 percent reduction in time-to-market because of automated release cycles.

Reduced 40 percent total cost of ownership through improved efficiencies.

Improved agility to launch new features to meet market expectations.

Client Success Stories

Learn how we've have helped clients in Banking, Insurance, Retail, and Hi-Tech Manufacturing achieve success.

Discover how our product and platform engineering capabilities can accelerate your digital journey.


    More Advanced Engineering Services

    Business ideas, goals, and problems aren’t one-size-fits-all. Business solutions shouldn’t be either.

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    We team up with industry-leading solutions and platform providers so that our clients are empowered to achieve, adopt, and grow through continuous improvements in a changing world.