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Transforming Enterprises Through Cloud Excellence With Zensar and Microsoft Azure

Transforming Enterprises Through Cloud Excellence With Zensar and Microsoft Azure

Zensar integrates digital transformation proficiency and a strong engineering background to foster innovation, agility, and scalability through optimum usage of Microsoft Azure. With a comprehensive partnership, we engage with Microsoft Azure for enterprise transformation. Our tailored cloud adoption framework accelerates business outcomes by enhancing cloud maturity.

Partner-specific solutions

Partner-specific solutions

Zensar partners with Microsoft Azure, harnessing its robust engineering capabilities to facilitate cloud-native enterprise transformation. Through our collaborative efforts, we have developed comprehensive solutions aimed at assisting organizations in achieving their business objectives.

Dynamics 365

Zensar’s Dynamics 365 service utilizes Microsoft FastTrack for Dynamics 365 implementation, helping de-risk projects by identifying and mitigating risks pre-emptively.

Data-driven decision making

Zensar’s solution enhances decision-making with BI tool recommendations, streamlined reporting, and self-service enablement. Our certified professionals in predictive analytics ensure the implementation of cutting-edge processes, providing valuable insights promptly.

Integrated data operations

Zensar’s integrated data operations offering empowers IT teams to be more proactive, data-driven, and agile in responding to the dynamic demands of modern business environments.

AI engineering buddy

Zensar’s AI Engineering Buddy empowers engineering teams to accelerate their software development journey, deliver high-quality solutions confidently, address code IP concerns, and achieve a 20 percent faster time-to-market.

Cloud migration assessment

Zensar’s cloud migration assessment helps enterprises migrate to Azure effortlessly with strategic cloud adoption, well-architected assessments, and a clear migration roadmap.

Modern work

Zensar’s new vision of the digital workplace focused on user experience results from changing market dynamics. This led us to create a new model for service delivery with intelligent solutions for a seamless user experience.


Protect data, networks, and devices from malicious programs and build better digital resilience. Cybersecurity services and expert solutions with a 360-degree view and a team of 750+ experienced cybersecurity professionals.

Industry-specific solutions

Smart advisor

An efficient tool for financial advisors that automates tasks and offers insightful recommendations. It provides sentiment scores for client portfolios, suggests optimal actions, and enhances client intelligence through social media insights.


Addresses critical challenges faced by insurers today. Our innovative approach prioritizes customer-centricity, harnessing the power of data, devices, and applications to ensure market-driven outcomes and improved operational efficiency.

Digital commerce

A digital commerce offering leveraging Azure and Microsoft technologies for SMEs, focusing on scalability, personalized experiences, and integrated CRM and analytics for enhanced customer engagement and sales.


A point-of-sale (PoS) solution utilizing Microsoft technologies and Azure, focusing on seamless transactions, real-time analytics, and cloud scalability for retail and consumer services sectors.

Workforce analytics

Tackles workforce hurdles by streamlining training platforms, improving demand forecasting precision, and customizing learning paths. Our solution helps visualize diversity indices and uses visual data to support and strengthen diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) initiatives.

Sales analytics

Improves sales by identifying opportunities, refining targeting, boosting conversion, empowering sales channels, and fostering expansion. Our solution analyzes customer data, monitors campaigns, and refines strategies, leading to increased revenue and market reach.

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