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Cloud Strategy and Operating Model

Cloud Strategy and Operating Model

Define and develop a cloud operating model and realize the value in your cloud transformation journey.

Transform your operating model across value streams with a seamless transition to the cloud.

Cloud value optimization

Prioritize applications based on the demands of business stakeholders with a focus on total experience measurement.

Risk mitigation

Reduce risk with end-to-end dependency mapping — from business processes and IP layer to change management, security, and business continuity.

Future-ready business

Gain visibility into the roadmap and journey to the cloud sequence with a tool-based approach for predictability and assessment accuracy enabling newer business models.

Holistic change

Move from a legacy operating model to living on the cloud by enabling total change and cultural transformation.

Cloud strategy and operating model services

Discovery and assessment

Discovery and assessment

Understand business strategy and capture current applications, products, and infrastructure inventory with our proprietary framework.

Roadmap and future state

Roadmap and future state

Identify the hyper-scaler and define the reference architecture, landing zone, data governance, and security policies for the future-state operating model. Additionally, determine a high-level timeline for the migration.

Application disposition

Application disposition

Assess application maturity, execute application rationalization, and identify dependencies. Perform application profiling concerning business objectives, including the TCO of the application.

Migration planning

Migration planning

Identify different move groups based on the migration path selected for the applications. Involve all stakeholders and align cutover activities. Automate the provisioning and remediation process.

Business case

Business case

Create a business case to go along with and support your cloud strategy and roadmap with partial or entirely self-funded transformation initiatives, well-defined investments, and business outcomes that help you achieve future-state.

Zensar’s cloud strategy helped us reduce time and cost for cloud migration and made our application landscape future-ready."

– Client testimonial

Enabled a 60 percent reduction in downtime with cloud service-level agreements.

Gained 51 percent efficiency savings due to fewer capital expenditures.

Achieved a 43 percent reduction in operational costs with efficient planning and management of IT services.

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