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Supercharge your career in a high-performance workplace.


Supercharge your career in a high-performance workplace.

At Zensar, we learn, disrupt, and grow together! Explore your career path with us.

Come work with us Come work with us

For hybrid work to continually deliver results, leadership commitment is a must

Don’t let a career-break break your career.

Don’t let a career-break break your career.

Our Enliven initiative helps women rejoin the workforce.

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Humans of Zensar


“I truly love the flexible, understanding, and encouraging culture at Zensar. My child was born with extreme complications, and I must be home to look after him. With Zensar, I can spend time with my baby while working from home. Zensar made my work my passion!”

Medhavi Kulshrestha
Senior Software Engineer
Zensar India

“Zensar’s commitment to diversity and inclusion has positively impacted my experience. In three words, Zensar is innovative, collaborative, and empowering. The company encourages out-of-the-box thinking, promotes teamwork, and empowers employees to take ownership of their projects.”

Ndalama Matika
Project Trainee
Zensar South Africa

"Working at Zensar has helped me gain confidence as an individual and professional. The Zensar office in Johannesburg has people from all walks of life. This has helped me learn more about different cultures and religions. At Zensar, we celebrate everyone to ensure everyone feels included and respected."

Sindi Boshielo
Project Trainee
Zensar South Africa

“I have been part of the incredible Zensar family for over two and a half years. I joined as a freelancer and was drawn to Zensar’s dynamic and inclusive culture, which encouraged growth and innovation. I then transitioned into a permanent role, solidifying my commitment to this amazing organization.”

Enrique Extremera
Lead Developer
Zensar UK

“Zensar allowed me to experiment and follow my path – enabling me to develop a flexible, malleable mindset that hones my creative problem-solving capabilities. I am grateful to continue to work in an environment where the leaders are passionate, involved, and inspiring.”

Shweta Karalkar
Partner Ecosystem Head
Zensar USA

Grow. Own. Achieve. Learn.

Our employee value proposition — grow, own, achieve, learn (GOAL) — reinforces our commitment to inclusivity. Watch our latest GOAL video as we bring a fresh direction to inclusion.

Zensar is committed to taking essential measures to create and foster a diverse and adaptable workplace for all and provide information in accessible formats.


Why join Zensar?

  • What makes Zensar special?

    Duration : 00:49
  • Delivering value to clients

    Duration : 2:51
  • Why choose Zensar

    Duration : 1:51
    Why choose Zensar
  • Building a happy organization

    Duration : 1:51
    Building a happy organization
  • Learn. Disrupt. Grow

    Duration : 1:08
    Learn. Disrupt. Grow
  • The Zensar Experience

    Duration : 1:01
  • Welcome to Zensar

    Duration : 1:38
  • Global headquarters tour

    Duration : 1:43
  • Thinking velocity in a flash

    Duration : 3:29
  • What our brand experience pillars mean

    Duration : 02:23

Our story

  • Culture

    Holistic people-first culture and policies focused on wellbeing, transparency, and openness.

  • Diversity and inclusion

    Conducive and inspiring environment that celebrates individuality, creativity, and flexibility.

    D&I Portrait
  • Wellness and benefits

    Best-in-class avenues for employees to maintain physical, social, financial, and mental health.

    Wellness and benefits
  • Awards and recognition

    Key recognitions for some of our accomplishments as an employer and business leader.

  • Living digital

    Proven digital experiences and transformation for our employees and clients.

    Living digital
  • Global organization

    A technology consulting and services company enabling disruption through innovation and velocity.

    Global organization
  • Commitment to CSR

    Solutions that empower communities to become self-reliant.

    Commitment to CSR
  • Legacy

    Long-standing legacy built on a solid foundation of trust and tradition.


Life at Zensar

Vivek Ranjan

“Zensar is at the intersection of an inspiring growth culture and entrepreneurial spirit. Our core focus continues to be on building an enterprise of Happiness. For me, it is about ensuring that we provide an ecosystem where our employees can be the best version of themselves, fulfill their true potential, and be truly, deeply happy.”

Vivek Ranjan

CHRO, Zensar