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Optimize and evolve core systems and build strong foundations with Zensar and Oracle

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A two-decade-old steady partnership focused on delivering the best-in-class solutions with a complete cloud experience. Our robust proprietary tools and frameworks help you build a scalable IT foundation that moves businesses in the right direction.

Partner specific solutions

Partner specific solutions

Our proprietary accelerators add value every step of the way

Hybrid agile methodology

Augments faster implementation with up to 40 percent reduction in rework efforts.

Cloud RAFT

Cloud rapid action for cloud transformation (RAFT) provides an end-to-end services platform that helps organizations in their cloud adoption journey. The solution reduces the assessment cycle time by 25 percent.

Chatbot accelerators

Reduces support cost by 50 percent with L1 support.

Transforming IT capabilities for as-a-service business models using Oracle


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