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Experience proactive security solutions with Zensar’s ZenSOC prescriptive platform. Combining predictive and adaptive approaches, our platform integrates managed detection and response (MDR), threat intelligence platform (TIP), malware information sharing platform (MISP), and security orchestration, automation, and response (SOAR) tools in a modular, scalable design. Streamline security event log collection, normalization, and contextualization. With pre-loaded MITRE ATTACK mapped content, including tailored use cases and threat-hunting queries, ZenSOC ensures high-fidelity alert detection. It operates 24/7 from SOCs worldwide, offering seamless integration with Microsoft Sentinel.

Eager to fortify your security strategy? Explore our prescriptive platform, merging predictive precision with adaptive security, to empower your defenses.


Transform your security operations with our offering, ensuring enhanced protection, streamlined processes, and seamless integration for optimal efficiency.