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Power of Anthos: Cloud Transformation

Containerize application modernization with Anthos, Nutanix, and Zensar.
Join our webinar and discover how Anthos, the Kubernetes-based platform, can revolutionize your cloud journey. Leverage Anthos in hybrid and multi-cloud environments and solve challenges of large enterprises. Understand the power of Anthos and its role in app modernization.

Our speakers

Eddie Walkers

Eddie Walkers

Enterprise Application and Modernization Engineer Google
Sean Roth

Sean Roth

Director - Product Marketing Nutanix
Animesh Pillai

Animesh Pillai

Global Practice Head – HCI and DC Transformation Zensar

Explore Anthos’ capabilities, its integration with Google Cloud Platform (GCP), and Nutanix’s capabilities. Gain insights into cloud-native strategies, infrastructure implications, and digital foundation services offered by Zensar. Unlock the potential of Anthos to accelerate your cloud journey.

Understanding Anthos

Discover the Kubernetes-based platform that runs everywhere, with centralized management.

Nutanix and Anthos integration

Learn how Nutanix complements Anthos in your cloud journey.

Cloud-native with Zensar

Explore Zensar’s digital foundation services and its role in data center transformations.

Live demo: Anthos in action

Witness the power of Anthos through live demos of app development with Nutanix and GCP.