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Key enterprise technology predictions

Rajat Sharma, SVP and Global Head of Platforms and Growth, Zensar.


Rajat and our leaders at Zensar have helped numerous clients achieve digital transformation amidst high growth and volatile market conditions. In this video series, Rajat shares his thoughts on emerging technology trends and how Zensar is helping clients embrace a new approach that enables them to adapt to dynamic customer needs and disruptive market forces at all times.


Mantra for Enterprise Growth in a Fragile Market

Adaptation is key for businesses facing shifting external forces. Discover how to stay ahead as Rajat explores cutting-edge technology trends shaping leading enterprises and impacting the business landscape. Watch this video to transform and optimize your operations for success.

Tech Trends Shaping the Next Growth Phase

As external forces reshape the game, enterprises must evolve and optimize operations to remain competitive. Join Rajat in this enlightening video as he shares expert insights on cost reduction and value improvement, empowering businesses to stay ahead of the curve.

Riding the Next Wave of Cloud Technology

Cloud has become indispensable to business operations. But as cloud usage faces intense CapEx scrutiny, its role is set to evolve. Join Rajat in this insightful video as he shares his take on upcoming trends in cloud tech and how businesses can position themselves for success. Stay ahead and maximize the evolving cloud landscape.

How High-velocity Enterprises Thrive in Complexity

In the era of high-velocity enterprises, how can businesses chart their path to success? Join Rajat in this video as he unveils our velocity-based approach, harnessing the power of the Velocity StackTM platform and cutting-edge technology. Discover how it helps customers accelerate innovation, optimize operations, and reduce costs.