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Embark on a transformative cloud journey with Zensar Cloud Foundation Framework. Crafted to meet the unique demands of your business, our proprietary offering ensures secure, compliant, and agile multi-account infrastructures. Leverage our expertise in security, DevOps, and infrastructure as code to effortlessly deploy landing zones, automate operations, and elevate governance. Streamline cloud adoption, enhance security, and unlock the full potential of the cloud. Download our brochure now to revolutionize your cloud strategy.


Discover the Key Benefits of Zensar's Cloud Foundation Framework. Achieve Automated Deployment, Enhanced Security, and Streamlined Operations for Your Cloud Strategy.

Success stories

Seamless AWS Core Banking Transition for a leading South African Bank

Zensar helped a South African bank transition its core banking (BaNCS) to a resilient AWS environment, ensuring 99.9% availability across datacenters. The solution involved segregated infrastructure, AWS native services, and automation for operational efficiency and disaster recovery. Zensar's tools streamlined infrastructure deployment, adhered to client principles, and achieved rapid project completion in 2-4 weeks. 

Seamless Cloud Transition Across AWS and Azure for an American LNG Producer

Zensar facilitated an American liquefied natural gas producer's shift to a secure AWS and Azure cloud setup. This involved establishing a robust foundation, standardizing accounts, and automating deployments through IaC and CI/CD pipelines. The solution streamlined operations, increased agility, and lowered costs, with container integration adding further efficiency.