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At Zensar, our employees are encouraged to continuously upgrade their skills and capabilities through various training programs and workshops. As an equal opportunity employer, we are committed to creating an inclusive, healthy workplace with robust anti-discrimination and anti-harassment policies. We believe an organization must engage in managing society's social and economic challenges, identify the causes of the communities' challenges, and provide empowering solutions for the communities to be self-reliant.
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Our goals

Goal 1:

Achieve 40 percent gender diversity by FY 2030

We recognize that diversity and inclusion (D and I) positively impacts our investors, employees, and society. Diversity in experiences, knowledge, and perception is crucial for our decision-making and business success. We firmly believe we must use our platform to take affirmative action for a more equitable and inclusive tomorrow.

We have made substantial progress in gender equality and diversity by following recommendations from our D and I Council and have set the goal to achieve 40 percent gender diversity by FY 2030. Our Enliven program focuses on hiring women after a career break. We also assure our employees of other benefits like equal pay and promotion, work flexibility, and wellness resources. Additionally, we have taken up initiatives such as flexible work arrangements, women-oriented mentorship, and women recruitment programs to ensure fair gender representation across the organization.

Goal 2:

Sustain Happiness Index score to 82 by FY 2025

At Zensar, our employees are our most valuable asset, and providing a workplace with safe processes and protocols is a high priority. We have designed policies and adopted initiatives aligned with our Happiness Framework, which goes beyond gauging employee satisfaction and focuses on holistic Happiness surveys to measure employee satisfaction, delight, and passion for being a part of Zensar. We aim to maintain our Happiness Index score to 82 by FY 2025.

Goal 3:

Reach 225,000 lives through community development initiatives by FY 2030

We firmly believe in being involved in our communities by addressing local challenges. Our CSR initiatives are in the areas of health, environment, education, and socio-economic welfare. The Zensar Foundation has taken up several programs to improve the living conditions of the underprivileged and make a positive difference in their lives. The Foundation works relentlessly to educate community members on the benefits of health and educational empowerment. Many focused initiatives have been implemented to bring about general health awareness and improve the level of education.

We aim to reach 225,000 lives through community development initiatives by FY 2030. In this journey, 59,231 lives have been touched since the baseline of FY 2020. We continue leveraging our tech expertise to design development initiatives and address critical social issues such as education and employability.


All the aforementioned initiatives have been driven through the RPG Foundation (RPGF), that also overlooks CSR activities across our group companies.

Goal 4:

Achieve 80 average hours of training per employee by FY 2030

Learning is the key to remaining relevant today. Our initiatives encourage and support our employees to take ownership of their learning and growth. We have integrated technical, behavioral, and managerial learning into our training programs with a keen focus on building technical capacity, imparting organizational skills, leadership abilities, and soft skills. Additionally, we have launched a next-gen learning platform to help employees create their individual development action plan (DAP 2.0) in discussion with their managers. The DAP is designed in alignment with our Happiness tenet - I am growing, with a personalized approach to learning. Our key learning and development initiatives include TECHTONIC, Digital Academy, and eLearning Adoption.

Zensar strongly focuses on people engagement initiatives, prioritizes diverse learning and development plans, and promotes attractive career growth options.

Our key initiatives

  • Enliven – For our women workforce

    Bringing skill, perspective, and diversity to Zensar

  • Hire, train, deploy and experiential learning

    Providing an experiential learning initiative to broaden skillset

    Hire, train, deploy and experiential learning
  • Employee wellbeing during the pandemic

    Taking charge during COVID-19 to facilitate employee wellbeing

    Employee wellbeing during the pandemic
  • Community development

    Building a promising future by providing new opportunities

    Community development landscape
  • Supporting the community during the pandemic

    Creating resilient communities with easy access to healthcare

    Supporting the community

Our experience

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