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Designing a holistic business approach with ESG

Shubha Kumar, CSO & Sachin Zute, CFO

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Zensar Is a 3x Training APEX Award Winner

Honored for continuous learning and development

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Office cabin

Adopt Generative AI Services Securely

Your LLM, your data

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Adopt AI generative

Zensar Achieves AWS Advanced Tier Partner Status

Empowering enterprises to take the lead with AWS Cloud

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Up Next In AI

A podcast by Indigo Slate with teen prodigy Tanmay Bakshi

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Up next in AI
Up next in AI

We create experiences that put people first

Experiences are only as good as their weakest point. It’s about more than creating shiny things. It’s about the quality of your entire brand

  • Experience Services

    Design, deliver, and grow digital products, services, and experiences to transform business

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  • Advanced Engineering Services

    Cloud-native, full-stack, generative-AI focused advanced engineering services to address business-critical digital needs.

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  • Data Engineering and Analytics

    Deliver enhanced profitability and cost optimization through data engineering and analytics strategies

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  • Application Services

    Streamline, maintain, and re-engineer applications to create highly functional business units

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  • Foundation Services

    Manage, operate, and optimize IT infrastructure for the best business outcomes

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Client Stories

Building a banking experience fit for the future

Building a banking experience fit for the future


We work with industries that touch lives daily and bring change to the world: Banking and Financial Services, Insurance Services, Retail and Consumer Services, Hi-tech Engineering Services, Healthcare and Life Sciences Services and Telecom Services

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