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Leveraging Automation in Insurance

Explore how automation brings a profound transformation in insurance and unlock insights to drive your organization toward unprecedented success.
This session delves deep into the enterprise world and the transformative shift toward cognitive intelligence. Discover how automation and AI play a pivotal role in tackling industry challenges and learn to leverage these technologies to drive your organization’s success.

Our speakers

Rajesh Mohandas

Rajesh Mohandas

Global Head - Automation Practice Zensar
Kenneth Mertzel

Kenneth Mertzel

Global Industry Leader - Insurance and Financial Services Automation Anywhere
Abbasi Ujjainwala

Abbasi Ujjainwala

Global Head - Guidewire Practice Zensar

Learn about real-world automation use cases in policy management, claims processing, billing, and data migration. Watch the live demo showcasing RPA’s practical application and efficiency in streamlining operations. Leading companies are using it to transition toward cognitive intelligence and AI.

Enhanced customer experience

Discover how automation revolutionizes customer interactions, making them faster, more accurate, and personalized.

Empower insurance value chain

Explore how automation can supercharge your insurance processes on the Guidewire platform, saving costs and boosting productivity.

Future of insurance

Gain insights into the future of the insurance industry. Automation isn’t just a trend; it’s a game-changer.