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Customer Centricity in Supply Chain

Revolutionize your operations for success.
Join our exclusive webinar on customer centricity in supply chain and gain invaluable insights into the industry’s future. Discover the shifts, challenges, and strategies to optimize your operations and deliver exceptional customer experiences.

Our speakers

Johnson Jose

Johnson Jose

Senior Director and Head - IT of India CISCO CISCO
Nandu Gandhi

Nandu Gandhi

Vice President - Technology Macy’s
Dhiman Ray

Dhiman Ray

Executive Vice President and Global Head - Enterprise Digital Transformation Zensar
Delve into the game-changing shifts in supply chain, explore last-mile delivery complexities, plan contingencies, and address challenges faced by businesses today. Our experts share strategies to enhance customer centricity and drive business growth so you can stay ahead of the competition.

Shifts in supply chain

Explore the latest trends and disruptions reshaping the industry landscape.

Mastering last-mile delivery

Learn how to optimize the final leg of the supply chain to exceed customer expectations with real-world experiences from our expert panelists.

Solve supply chain challenges

Discover effective solutions to the most pressing challenges businesses face today.

Customer centricity strategies

Gain practical insights and actionable strategies to enhance customer satisfaction and loyalty.