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Think Velocity

Think Velocity

Discover our thought leadership insights on business, technology, and getting change right


Fostering societal resilience and a sense of purpose

Radha Goenka, Director, RPG Foundation, talks about putting weight behind critical issues, and how unique partner capabilities enabled lakhs of people to access Covid-19 vaccinations and medical care.


Our long-term commitment of building equitable opportunities


Using the right technology to drive and scale initiatives


The impact of our four programme pillars


Key learnings from driving cross company alignment


How corporate purpose addresses social needs

Traditional ways of recognizing productivity must change

In our team, we define business outcomes more clearly for hybrid work to succeed

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Prashob Ravindranathan, AVP and Head-Brand and Comms

We tend to feel that physical presence somehow translates to competence. The success of the hybrid work model, which is here to stay without doubt, depends on how quickly we untether ourselves from these prejudices.


For hybrid work to be viable, leadership commitment is a must

Going beyond table stakes for talent transformation

Vivek Ranjan, Senior VP and CHRO

A hybrid work environment tests the authenticity of a people-first approach – a ruminative set of dos and don’ts work. Leaders must commit to embracing complexity and nuance in understanding circumstances that employees might be facing.

Quiet quitting – 
a wake up call to emphasize inclusion

Delivering diversity through openness and belonging

Sanjana Vaidya, Associate VP and Function Head - D&I, Talent Processes

A successful diversity culture considers how employees feel and whether they connect with strategic values and messages. We believe that retaining the best talent is about listening, investing, and instilling a feeling of belonging.

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How to reboot digital transformation and make it work

Is strategic insight or lack of it the missing piece of the puzzle?

Several organizations still view digital transformation as a destination. But no one ever arrives at a perfectly functional digital mode; rather, it’s a permanent state of existence that requires periodic monitoring, upkeep, enhancements, and repositioning.

Our first rebrand in more than 20 years

The discussions that helped us win during a time of complex change

Bang in the middle of the pandemic, we paused and debated the veracity of our assumptions, our data, and our preparedness. Once we were convinced that the exercise underpinned our strategic vision, it became our north star, toward which we channeled our efforts and marshaled our resources.

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Speed is insufficient. Move with speed in the right direction.

- Think Velocity.


Five levers to accelerate velocity transformation

Our recommendations for companies that always want to be future ready

Digital capability is often synonymous with speed. But if these capabilities are applied without direction, speed is delivered without moving the needle. We think of transformation in terms of velocity; moving with speed, in the right direction.

five levers

Enterprise Velocity

Speed alone does not guarantee success. For speed to be effective, you need to move in the right direction. We instituted the enterprise velocity survey to gain insight on how our peers, our clients and our customers perceived velocity as a key business imperative, highlight ways in which technology can propel its adoption, and talk about the potential impact it has in fostering long-term growth.

About the survey

Senior level executives, exclusively directors and above.

Geographies, including UK, USA, Canada and South Africa.

Industries, including BFSI, Manufacturing and Technology.

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How to foster a velocity mindset

Implementing organizational transformation through behavioral constructs, leadership, and culture

Organizations still overlay sophisticated technologies on rigid, outdated, and sometimes completely broken systems, and often pay a high price for it. Can leaders carry the baggage of traditional psyche and deliver results in ever-evolving business scenarios?