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Our Focus Areas

Connected operations

Connected modern experience to deliver exceptional CX, connected engineering to accelerate ROI, connected insights and Data 360 to improve efficiency and decisions, and Connected Edge and cloud to simplify complexities.
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Digital supply chain

Real-time and granular supply chain visibility for better customer experiences. Predict demand and optimize sourcing and procurement to improve your supply chain resiliency against adverse events.
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Accelerate your servitization journey by identifying the right products and markets, defining the GTM strategy with partner and customer segmentations, measuring KPIs, and identifying upsell/cross-sell opportunities through our recommendation engine.
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Modern experience to engineering

Cloud-native, full-stack services help enterprises design, create, and maintain their cloud and infrastructure, reduce time-to-market and cost, and improve innovation and scale.
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Our Offerings

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A complete suite of end to end solutions including advisory services, implementations, migrations, rollouts and AMS

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SAP certified life sciences solution which address the challenges and business needs of the life sciences industry

Digital customer experience
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Digital customer experience

Digital customer experience solutions that helps you translate your digital marketing strategies and drive superior customer experience

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Adobe expertise that shortens your value realization cycle, improves customer conversion, acquisition, engagement and retention

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Salesforce solutions provide end to and innovative digital solutions to modernise your legacy applications

Application transformation
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Application transformation

Smart ADM that provides application modernisation, cloud applications, product centric development, support and maintenance

Digital foundation services
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Digital foundation services

Solutions for a sound digital foundation that is agile, collaborative and scalable

Know how Zensar helped hi-tech and manufacturing companies overcome business challenges and gain a competitive edge.

Our Industry Point of View


Reshaping the Technology Industry Landscape

Learn how disruptive technologies are changing the industry dynamics and improving the quality of business operations of enterprises. Though these revolutionary technologies has potential to transform the way organizations operate and even make impact on the society, we are at beginning of the adoption curve. But in future, AI will change the way every industry conducts its mission-critical operations.
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Our Experience

Discover the stories that show how we’re transforming business through our expertise, digital transformation, and much more.

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