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Enterprise grade permissioned Blockchain Solutions

ZenSmartBlox accelerator platform bridges the gap between enterprise-grade blockchain applications and current blockchain platforms. The Blockchain practice is an engineering-centric practice, which has received its first US patent grant in 2019 with four more in the pipeline. Zensar delivered its first solution running live across 183 countries using this platform in early 2019, making us a leader in the enterprise blockchain space. Zensar has developed 30+ use cases across sectors like manufacturing, insurance, financial services, retail and governance. Zensar delivers solutions that enable transparent transactions while ensuring complete data security on open source platforms like Hyperledger and Ethereum.

Key Offerings

Zensar named as an Aspirant in the Everest Blockchain Services PEAK Matrix™ Assessment 2019: Race to Make Enterprise Blockchain Real

Authors Jimit Arora, Ronak Doshi, Aaditya Jain, Pranati Goswami, Supratim Nandi, Rahbare Islam Nayyer Published on 8 Nov 2018

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