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What does Digital transformation mean in the future?

What does Digital transformation mean in the future?

Digital transformation, you might see it as just two words together but believe me, it’s way beyond our imaginations and thoughts. We all are on the verge of entering a completely new world where our expectations meet the prolonged vision.
The time has changed and so is the world. And it’s constantly changing with the double pace than ever imagined. The world is going to be a digital ecosystem where every human will feel the power of the artificial intelligence, machine learning, robotics, the Internet of things, augmented reality, nanotechnology, quantum computing, etc. These emerging technologies will result in the unprecedented processing power, storage capacity, unlimited access to knowledge, and a whole new never-imagined digital age.
A completely new industrial revolution is about to happen. So get prepared to be a part of the most awaited reality. What the world had envisioned, what the billions of people had seen and experienced only in the science fiction movies and stories so far is about to come true.The smart bots are going to shape the future. The organizations are bullish on bots and in the coming years, the world will be populated by elite human assistants. And we will be able to get an answer to our every beck and call.
Have you ever imagined a life where you just have to speak a request and get all your digital chores done? If not, then start imagining.
We haven’t stepped in such a world yet, but we are about to.