UX Management Solutions for Digital Healthcare Delivery

Mobility, cloud, interconnected systems, and virtualization are revolutionizing healthcare, just as they have in other industries like manufacturing, financial services, and retail. These disruptive technologies are changing the practice of medicine, the structure of healthcare organizations, and the role of the patient in his or her own care. With interconnected systems, all of the healthcare practitioners involved in patient care instantly access Electronic Health Record (EHR) information for better diagnoses and close collaboration across departments or geographies. Cloud and virtualization extend anywhere, anytime access to critical systems, not just for medical staff in hospitals, but also for a host of care extenders such as case managers, pharmacists, and non-licensed community health members in remote locations. Wearables, mobile devices, and mobile apps empower patients to participate actively in their own care, and enable medical staff to attend to patients half a world away.

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