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Application Modernization – A pragmatic approach for winning enterprises

Application Modernization – A pragmatic approach for winning enterprises

Deepak Atre and Durga Prasad Pulipati

Enterprises need to keep the pace with the significant disruption caused by digital technologies. It is inevitable to leverage technologies like artificial intelligence (AI), automation, blockchain and IoT to sustain growth and generate greater value.

Business leaders are aware that legacy systems are contributing to the digital debt. It is imperative that the IT leadership evaluates the entire hybrid IT ecosystem from mainframe to mobile and choose conducive elements for transformation to bring the greatest business return with minimal risk. Application modernization, is a key business-centric digitization initiative which should be multi-platform compatible to generate maximize value. This pragmatic approach would ensure to protect, evolve and enhance business benefits for the enterprise leading to a risk-free modernization.

Gartner predicts that “Every dollar invested in digital business innovation through to the end of 2020 will require enterprises to spend at least three times to continuously modernize the legacy application portfolio.”

Our modernization services address the digital readiness of the legacy applications and platforms in an enterprise. Our services include a combination of consulting and implementation services for various modernization initiatives. Our vast suite of modernization implementation offerings includes 6Rs which are; re-platforming, re-hosting, re-coding, re-architecting, re-engineering and replacement followed by decommissioning approach.

Consulting Services
Determining the right modernization approach for a specific customer context can be a cumbersome exercise. We address this through our modernization consulting offerings which includes enterprise portfolio assessments leading to a strategic recommendations and customized modernization roadmap with supported ROI analysis.     

Legacy to Cloud Migration Services 
Cloud migration is driving the latest phase of application modernization. Cloud and other as a service have been disruptive to IT spending patterns. With proven approach for both modernization and migration capabilities, we address lift-shit re-hosting requirement and also cloud native development. For seamless cloud migration, Zensar implements a proprietary ZenCloudPro framework for automated re-hosting reducing the overall duration of migration by 60% and significantly reducing the migration costs.

Legacy Transformation using Re-write Capabilities
This service includes the re-write of the application components while preserving its scope and specifications. Zensar harnesses the potential of its proprietary Intelligent Business Rules Extraction and Mining (IBREM) framework complemented with industry-standard partner toolsets for providing significant automation capabilities to our customers.

Process Transformation by DevOps Implementation
Enterprises need to match the delivery speed of the business requirements. We enable our customers applications landscape with agile development, continuous testing and accelerated delivery. This not only enables faster time to market but also significantly reduces the development costs.

Legacy Decommissioning Services
Our proprietary ZenDecomm factory framework enables decommissioning at scale. This framework enables significant automation of the decommissioning process using proprietary toolsets combined with a set of best practices imparted by our implementation expertise.  

Rapid Risk-Free (R2F) Framework is the foundation of our efficient modernization services.  This framework takes into consideration, an enterprise’s applications and technology landscape to transform its IT estate and harvest value from the existing assets. With AI ingrained in Experience, Research and Decision along with automation at every phase, faster delivery is assured.

The foundational step in the modernization journey is to choose a right partner; the one that promises and delivers expertise, skills and a dynamic outlook to make this transformation more valuable and risk free.

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