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Accelerate your digital transformation journey with our Mainframe Modernization Services 

Mainframes provide limited agility, making it difficult for enterprises to grow and respond to changes and the priorities of their organization and customers. This creates a swarm of challenges that block innovation and cost optimization opportunities. To overcome these challenges and unlock the digital business value, organizations need to embrace digital transformation. The key to a successful transformation is seeking an experienced mainframe modernization partner.

At Zensar, we take a holistic approach to mainframe modernization, which involves establishing the financial justification - ROI and TCO, target reference architectures, the right path to data strategy, and a clear digital roadmap to the future to maximize the value of your modernization journey. With over 20 years of experience in partnering customers on their mainframe journey, our differentiated approach enables unprecedented agility levels and covers strategy, modernization, and long-term transformation.

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