The Chronicles of

Digital Transformation

14 Global Leaders |   14 Stories |   5 Industries |   1 Approach


  • 30% reduction in TCO

  • 35% reduction in cloud operating costs

  • 57% improvement in user productivity


  • 20% reduction in overall incidents

  • 90% first call resolution (FCR) of service desk achieved over a period of one year

  • 30% reduction in operational cost


  • 100% visibility with 86% satisfied users

  • Troubleshooting of over 1,200 incidents per month

  • Significant savings in OPEX


  • 95% increase in reliability

  • 30% reduction in operational costs

  • 42% improvement in employee productivity


  • Over $600K reduction per year in telecom costs

  • 28% increase in productivity

  • 27% increase in cost savings

The Secret Of Mastering Digital Transformation

Why are some enterprises ahead of the curve when it comes to adopting digital innovation? What is a failsafe way for enterprises to pursue digital transformation and add business value? What is the right approach for digital transformation? Is there one?

These are the burning questions. To be successful in enterprise 4.0 business will have to deal with new realities of disruption, they will have to innovate to manage changing customer expectations and adopt new digital operating models to combat the technology shift.

Digital Foundation Services (DFS) framework powered by Cloud, AI and Security is built using data driven insights to help enterprises stay relevant to the end-users in the digital era. It is the reference architecture for businesses to successfully meet their digital business aspirations.

We bring to you valuable learnings from 14 enterprises across 5 industries who mastered Digital Transformation with the right approach.