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Securing Supply Chain with Blockchain

Supply chain management was a big idea to improve visibility and control on goods as they moved from point A to point B a few centuries ago. However, with current technologies and concepts, it has become difficult to manage such a big...

/ October 4, 2017
Gaming is still in its infancy

Gaming is still in its infancy

The most interesting aspect of the IT industry today is not just whether TCS at 44 % revenue growth this quarter and a market capitalisation higher than the next three IT companies put together can be caught by any of its competitors...

/ November 12, 2012
Emerging markets Emerged and submerging

Emerging markets: Emerged and submerging?

The title may seem pessimistically inclined especially to the sanguine world. Well, in my opinion saying it any other way would just make it an eye-wash. Rather than considering it an aberration from current belief, it has to be construed as a...

/ November 5, 2012
Climbing to success concept on a mountain and reaching the peak and summit as a businessman with arms in the air standing on top of two cliff sides shaped as an arrow symbol.

As the year and the decade changes

It's been a decade that started with fear, uncertainty and doubt and seems to be ending that way again for the Indian IT and Business Services Sector. But the industry proved the pessimists wrong then by moving up the value chain and...

/ December 31, 2009
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