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SeCaaS Secure Cloud

SeCaaS – A Step Towards a Secure Cloud

Cloud provides its customers with many characteristics such as on-demand scalability, payment as per usage of the resources, accessibility to the data and application from anywhere in the world. With all these features provided by the cloud, security remains the major issue...

/ October 29, 2017

Think Light, Think Speed, Think Choice A perspective on enterprise cloud strategy – Part II

In continuation of the first part on this perspective, it is clearly established that going to the cloud is now not as worrisome as earlier. With the advancement in the range and acceptance of cloud deployments, for the obvious benefits centered on...

/ August 24, 2015

Think Light, Think Speed, Think Choice – Perspective on enterprise cloud strategy -Part I

A recent Gartner enterprise wide global survey tried to understand the varying patterns of enterprise cloud adoption. There were some interesting insights which will help businesses work towards a new approach in leveraging cloud.

/ August 13, 2015
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