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decoupling storage and compute

Benefits of decoupling storage and compute

All data generated by applications or digital systems carries value and can be exploited; however, identifying the relevant data and its efficient consumption requires deep business acumen and analytical orientation. The exponential amount of data being generated across digital channels has forced...

/ October 8, 2020
Adopting Cloud is not the New Normal

Adopting Cloud is not the New Normal

If the above subject line has caught your attention, the word ‘NOT’ has served its purpose, and I can drop it now. The intended subject line is ‘Adopting Cloud is most definitely the New Normal.’ Being in the country-wide lockdown for the...

/ May 4, 2020
Building technological resilience against disruptions – the future of work!

Building technological resilience against disruptions – the future of work!

As I scrolled through the feed of the newspaper app today, I came across this headline that caught my attention. The news was about Apple and Google coming together for a purpose, and this was quite surprising given that they are fierce...

/ April 22, 2020
Top Hi – tech trends shaping the future

Top Hi-Tech trends shaping the future

Industry wide tech advancements and ecosystem transformations are leading to a market, where enterprise level adoption of market trends is becoming the difference between those who are able to capitalise and create value and those who are left playing catch up. Here...

/ February 17, 2020

Why are retailers moving to Google Cloud?

With the advent of disruptive technologies such as the internet of things, artificial intelligence and machine learning, the complexity and proliferation of data are on a sharp rise. As a result, terms like big data and cloud computing are now mainstream jargons in the...

/ July 19, 2018

Developing and overcoming the challenges with distributed application using microservices

With the evolution in technology, the development of single application has also changed by dividing application to multiple applications. These multiple applications can be located at various geographical location & developed using different technologies. To communicate between these multiple (interconnected) applications is...

/ April 13, 2018
5 Ways Retailers Can Stay Ahead Of The Technology Explosion

5 Ways Retailers Can Stay Ahead Of The Technology Explosion

Every day there seems to be a hot new technology grabbing headlines, promising to transform the buying journey by improving customer experiences. With technology evolving at lightning speed, how can retailers keep up with the technology explosion and keep their eye on...

/ March 29, 2018
Enterprise Blockchain exploration with Hyperledger Fabric series

Enterprise Blockchain exploration with Hyperledger Fabric series (Part-1)

Hyperledger Fabric is a Linux Foundation Open Source project specifically for per-missioned blockchain infrastructure which is gearing a lot of traction in enterprise space. This technical article gives a brief account of one of the challenges we have encountered using fabric at...

/ March 1, 2018
Amazon ElastiCache

Amazon ElastiCache: Optimizing Hybrid Architectures

AWS cloud has a broad global presence which is used by the customers around the world to create applications with presence in international markets to obtain agility, cost savings, elasticity and a wide range of services that simplify the implementation of their...

/ January 29, 2018
BlockApps: Simplifying Creation of Smart Contracts

BlockApps: Simplifying the Creation of Smart Contracts

A Smart contract as the name suggests is a smart legal contract or an agreement between parties to perform particular action eliminating the need for a third party. But, have you ever worked directly with uploading Solidity contracts and interacting with their...

/ November 24, 2017
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