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Analytics in Gaming

Playing it ‘Big’ with Analytics

Ryan was furiously navigating his car on the streets of his racing app. He was a champion in this game and had completed all his races in record time. But this time it was different, his car was not built for the...

/ October 25, 2017
digital tablet with stock chart on the table businessman

The changing face of Business Intelligence

Enterprises have been generating eons of data, which is used extensively for decision making. In this context, business intelligence (BI) systems are the primary IT solutions to analyze data, generate reports and derive insights to support business decisions. But BI has seen...

/ January 18, 2016
Image of male hand pointing at business document during discussion at meeting

How can Data Influence Business Decisions?

We are living in a data driven environment caused by the now massive proliferation in the volume of data being churned out every second. The critical need of the hour lies in using this mountain of data to generate insights that can...

/ July 3, 2015

Top 10 benefits of Retail Analytics on Cloud

Analytics and business intelligence are among the top technology-priorities for retail CIOs. A recent survey by the analyst firm Research found that 92% of CIOs and IT professionals feel the Cloud is good for business, although only 31% admit to having adopted...

/ January 9, 2015
Insights from Oracle Open World 2014

Insights from Oracle Open World 2014

Insights from Oracle Open World 2014 Oracle Open World is today one of the world’s largest, most significant events for anyone interested in technology solutions: to accelerate business growth, optimize cost, stay ahead of the competition – or all of these. The...

/ October 24, 2014
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