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Empowering the enterprise workforce – 1

Digital transformation is a key challenge and opportunity faced by organizations worldwide. However, as a business leader, you can create an agile workplace by investing in holistic solutions capable of driving the synergies between key workplace functions. Digital Workplace Transformation Drivers in...

/ January 7, 2021
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The evolution of digital payments

The nature of money and payment systems have changed drastically over the years. From a simple barter system followed thousands of years ago, the advent of currency and cash transactions, to digital payments powered by cutting-edge technology – there has been a...

/ October 5, 2020
The brighter side of the crisis, imagining the world post-COVID-19

The brighter side of the crisis, imagining the world post-COVID-19

The COVID-19 outbreak has forced significant changes in business operations, human interactions, and acceptable social norms in just a few months. This impact is such a vast and worldwide phenomenon that it has the capacity and ability to make each person, business...

/ May 4, 2020
Is automation the superhero that can ease operations during and post COVID-19 crisis?

Is automation the superhero that can ease operations during and post COVID-19 crisis?

A few weeks ago, the world was a different place to live in, and today with the spread of COVID-19 pandemic, the deserted roads signal a new world order. Sectors like food and accommodation that houses 144 million-foot soldiers,  retail with 482...

/ April 21, 2020
Top Hi – tech trends shaping the future

Top Hi-Tech trends shaping the future

Industry wide tech advancements and ecosystem transformations are leading to a market, where enterprise level adoption of market trends is becoming the difference between those who are able to capitalise and create value and those who are left playing catch up. Here...

/ February 17, 2020
Application Modernization – A pragmatic approach for winning enterprises

Application Modernization – A pragmatic approach for winning enterprises

Enterprises need to keep the pace with the significant disruption caused by digital technologies. It is inevitable to leverage technologies like artificial intelligence (AI), automation, blockchain and IoT to sustain growth and generate greater value. Business leaders are aware that legacy systems...

Democratizing automation in today’s world

Democratizing automation in today’s world

Over the last few decades, the proliferation of robots has become a norm in the market. From auto-manufacturing to banking sector, robots have taken up a lot of tasks. IT has been on the forefront of this movement, with companies automating tasks...

Living AI for Automation

Living AI for Automation

Automation powered with LivingAI and Machine Learning (ML) is an integral part of our daily lives today. With time, it has developed into a technology that delivers results. Enterprises have successfully moved from POC / Pilot stages to full-scale implementation of Robotic Automation into...


Build your personal assistant, build your future – with BOTS

By now you would have realized and heard time and again from various sources that the future of jobs will primarily involve knowledge creation and innovation. Machines will be freeing you up from mundane tasks to explore, experiment and find interesting solutions...


Connected Intelligence: A Robust Automation Framework for Next-Generation Industries

Why do some Digital Transformation initiatives succeed and others fail? To put things in perspective, 70% of all digital transformation initiatives fail to meet their goals. This translates to over $900 million worth of investments that missed the mark in 2018. Most...

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