$460Mn loss in 45 min! Can DevOps be a possible saviour?

This loss is definitely an attention grabber. Yes, you read it right. $172,222 lost per second, for 45 straight minutes. Such incidents and glitches happen suddenly and no amount of preparation can prevent it. While this company faced such a huge loss,...

/ August 31, 2015

Think Light, Think Speed, Think Choice A perspective on enterprise cloud strategy – Part II

In continuation of the first part on this perspective, it is clearly established that going to the cloud is now not as worrisome as earlier. With the advancement in the range and acceptance of cloud deployments, for the obvious benefits centered on...

/ August 24, 2015

Transform your business-Get cloud ready

A recent Zensar thought paper, ‘Transform your Business – Get Cloud Ready’ featuring Gartner research ‘Cloud services will establish the foundation for Next-gen solutions’ clearly highlights the underlying connect between a cloud service provider and an IT department of an enterprise when...

/ August 19, 2015

Think Light, Think Speed, Think Choice – Perspective on enterprise cloud strategy -Part I

A recent Gartner enterprise wide global survey tried to understand the varying patterns of enterprise cloud adoption. There were some interesting insights which will help businesses work towards a new approach in leveraging cloud.

/ August 13, 2015

How businesses can use IoT to connect with their consumers?

The concept of connected things is not new to us – if we look at nature, existence of connections between and within species, and their relationship with the environment is absolute. Similarly, when we talk about Internet of Things (IoT), we are...

/ July 29, 2015

Terminate IT snags with DevOps

Some years ago, IT professionals around the world noticed that there was a complete disconnect between the developers and the operations team. There were a number of problems arising due to lack of communication and the inability of these teams to work...

/ July 22, 2015

What makes UK retail stand out?

UK Retail is the most vibrant, dynamic, exciting, competitive retail environment globally; in this blog, Zensar Retail Business Head, Andrew Busby, examines what are the trends & driving forces behind this and what this means for the industry. UK Retail leads the...

/ July 10, 2015

How can Data Influence Business Decisions?

We are living in a data driven environment caused by the now massive proliferation in the volume of data being churned out every second. The critical need of the hour lies in using this mountain of data to generate insights that can...

/ July 3, 2015

The Importance of Managing Junk Data

In a recent interview with Computing, Mark Tango said, “Every IT person should be saving at least ten percent of their annual yearly salary.” One of the main reasons why this statement is not the case is because IT people waste large...

/ June 23, 2015

Top 10 tips and tricks to select a project for DevOps implementation

With the increase in the DevOps adoption and benefits declared in the industry, organizations that haven’t yet kicked off the journey are now in a rush to implement DevOps and reap its benefits. For traditional organizations the shift that DevOps brings can...

/ May 26, 2015