Growth Strategy Announced for Zensar IM Inc. Network and Security Division

Following our recent rebrand announcement earlier this year on April 1, I am excited to share our news of Zensar Technologies IM Inc.’s (Zensar IM) aggressive growth plan to double its network and security solutions sales to $100 million by 2016. The...

/ June 14, 2013

Customer Experience Enrichment through Omni Channel

The biggies of Retail are embracing the Omni Channel opportunity by investing in capabilities to deliver it. Popular cases of successful retailers adopting Omni channel to deliver superior Customer experience are listed below

/ May 7, 2013

Transparency on Internet

In the internet age we are observing explosion of data and information. As one mentioned other day we as an individual are subject to 174 newspaper equivalent worth of information daily. The challenge is how we filter it to may be just...

/ April 2, 2013

Creating a customer-oriented culture

The explosion of information all around us and the availability of low-cost, high-reliability tools to store process and transmit large volumes of data within and beyond the enterprise are having their impact not just on the role of information technology but also...

/ December 10, 2012

Gaming is still in its infancy

The most interesting aspect of the IT industry today is not just whether TCS at 44 % revenue growth this quarter and a market capitalisation higher than the next three IT companies put together can be caught by any of its competitors...

/ November 12, 2012

Emerging markets: Emerged and submerging?

The title may seem pessimistically inclined especially to the sanguine world. Well, in my opinion saying it any other way would just make it an eye-wash. Rather than considering it an aberration from current belief, it has to be construed as a...

/ November 5, 2012

The parallelism between business and IT

Alignment of business and IT or rather non-alignment is an aspect mauled to shreds. Some bluntly put it that alignment is non-existent and its two parallel organization.

/ August 20, 2012

Is Employee Cybershopping Threatening Your Company’s Security?

As we wrap up one of the biggest cybershopping weeks of the year many CEO’s and CIO’s are probably wondering how much time their employees spent shopping online this week and may be overlooking the security implications of this activity. Industry statistics...

/ December 2, 2011

Plans are nothing; planning is everything

I think Eisenhower said it best when it comes to plans and planning. I think this also holds true for Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery planning. Without a proper process in place to support the organization in the event of some manmade...

/ October 17, 2011

Has it really come down to a bag of chips?

A recent vending machine company had some of its POS systems compromised at waterparks in Wisconsin and Tennessee. This was a major breach…up to 40,000! Go figure. People can’t even buy some snacks or what not from a vending machine without having...

/ September 20, 2011