The Softer Side of Information Security

The Softer Side of Information Security…

I recently went to a presentation at Norwich University in Vermont. Tom Peters was the speaker. For those of you that don’t know or recall Tom Peters, he is the guy that wrote a book back in 1982 called “In Search of...

/ June 30, 2011
The Black Hats Get It. Do You

The Black Hats Get It. Do you?

Billions of dollars and countless person hours have been spent on securing everything from the data center to the “endpoint.” And now we hear about the new “endpoints” entering organizations due to Consumerization in the form of tablets, Smartphones, etc. While the...

/ June 30, 2011
A young Caucasian bank teller in front of the work station of a bank counter in a retail bank with a friendly smile. A portrait of the teller in the foreground with a woman banking customer standing in the background on the other side of the counter. Photographed in a horizontal format.

Advances and Limitations of Windows DHCP/DNS Services

Windows Server has offered DNS and DHCP as native services from the days of Windows NT 3.x. These services in Windows Server have evolved over the last decade and improved with additional features in every newer version of Windows. This blog provides...

/ June 21, 2011
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Don’t Panic Yet

The recent Lockheed Martin disclosure that it had thwarted a tenacious cyber-attack was an interesting headline, primarily because publicizing a failed attack is highly unusual.  More importantly, the “unauthorized” articles and leaks that appeared and pointed back to the theft of RSA...

/ June 7, 2011
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Citrix Synergy 2011

The floor at the Moscone West Conference Center was swarming with Synergy Attendees. The day started with a session on BYO  Tablets, Computers and Smart Phones. The attendance at this session was impressive, a clear sign that many organizations are faced with...

/ May 26, 2011
First Time Offshoring

First Time Offshoring?

The first time I heard the term First Time Offshoring  (FTO)  Akibia had just become a part of Zensar Technologies.  The reference is to a process that focuses on Zensar’s “ multi-stage methodology that recognizes that successful outsourcing needs equal emphasis on...

/ April 28, 2011
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AFCOM Data Center World – Day 2

My experience on Day 2 of the AFCOM conference has oriented on datacenter operations process and financials.  As a general theme, IT managers are preoccupied with effective execution and managing costs.  A couple of observations: Discussions and presentations on the topic tend...

/ March 31, 2011
Woman hand choosing tablet from a bookshelf.

AFCOM Data Center World – Day 1

Zensar is exhibiting at the AFCOM Data Center show and I wanted to update everyone on what we are seeing. The show and the organization brings together a myriad of datacenter professionals, ranging from private, public (gov’t, education) and not for profits...

/ March 30, 2011
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RSA SecurID Breach: Are Your Tokens Safe?

The news of a security breach at one of the world’s trusted security firms has raised concerns among companies across the globe. While RSA is not releasing the details around the breach at this time, which they have categorized as an “advanced...

/ March 21, 2011
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You can outsource the work, but not the responsibility

Many organizations are under the impression that if they outsource their credit card transactions, then they are not responsible for their PCI compliance. While this may minimize the scope of the PCI environment, it does not alleviate the responsibility for their PCI...

/ February 21, 2011