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Gaming is still in its infancy

The most interesting aspect of the IT industry today is not just whether TCS at 44 % revenue growth this quarter and a market capitalisation higher than the next three IT companies put together can be caught by any of its competitors...

/ November 12, 2012

The parallelism between business and IT

Alignment of business and IT or rather non-alignment is an aspect mauled to shreds. Some bluntly put it that alignment is non-existent and its two parallel organization.

/ August 20, 2012

Has it really come down to a bag of chips?

A recent vending machine company had some of its POS systems compromised at waterparks in Wisconsin and Tennessee. This was a major breach…up to 40,000! Go figure. People can’t even buy some snacks or what not from a vending machine without having...

/ September 20, 2011

Modernization is The Key

I had the chance to listen to the Chief Strategist of State Street Bank at the CIO 100 event. She was talking about the transformation of IT and the fact that State Street is constantly changing its IT infrastructure to match the...

/ August 30, 2011

Unique Requirements for Exchange 2010 Based Messaging Platform and Dependencies

In spite of the big inroads of various cloud based services in the messaging infrastructure space such as BPOS/Office 365, Google, many organizations continue to host their messaging infrastructure on-premise due to the unique nature of their requirements. Microsoft Exchange has made...

/ August 1, 2011

Citrix Synergy 2011

The floor at the Moscone West Conference Center was swarming with Synergy Attendees. The day started with a session on BYO  Tablets, Computers and Smart Phones. The attendance at this session was impressive, a clear sign that many organizations are faced with...

/ May 26, 2011

AFCOM Data Center World – Day 2

My experience on Day 2 of the AFCOM conference has oriented on datacenter operations process and financials.  As a general theme, IT managers are preoccupied with effective execution and managing costs.  A couple of observations: Discussions and presentations on the topic tend...

/ March 31, 2011

AFCOM Data Center World – Day 1

Zensar is exhibiting at the AFCOM Data Center show and I wanted to update everyone on what we are seeing. The show and the organization brings together a myriad of datacenter professionals, ranging from private, public (gov’t, education) and not for profits...

/ March 30, 2011
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