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How to know if you should build an internal UX lab

How to know if you should build an internal UX lab

So, you’re doing more and more user research. You’re taking a user-centric approach to everything you do. Brilliant news. But you don’t have the capabilities in-house to conduct this research. What do you do?  You could hire an external agency and use...

/ August 13, 2018

Why are retailers moving to Google Cloud?

With the advent of disruptive technologies such as the internet of things, artificial intelligence and machine learning, the complexity and proliferation of data are on a sharp rise. As a result, terms like big data and cloud computing are now mainstream jargons in the...

/ July 19, 2018

The problem with Generation Z

UX professionals should question when a client comes to them asking to design for Generation Z, or any generation for that matter. Creating generational categories around dates of birth is the wrong way to segment people when trying to design various strategies...

/ May 30, 2018

DevOps transformation, the Cha-Cha-Cha and Dojo

I’m just back from a whirlwind business trip of USA – Boston, Charlotte, Atlanta, Chicago and New York, all in 7 days. Lots of intriguing Customer workshops, intense technical debates and smoldering experiences shared across the Enterprises met. There’s a common, radical...

/ December 18, 2017
BlockApps: Simplifying Creation of Smart Contracts

BlockApps: Simplifying the Creation of Smart Contracts

A Smart contract as the name suggests is a smart legal contract or an agreement between parties to perform particular action eliminating the need for a third party. But, have you ever worked directly with uploading Solidity contracts and interacting with their...

/ November 24, 2017

Blockchain Transaction Authentication and Security

In the blockchain world, data distribution to all trust less entities and immutability are the major advantages in terms of building transparency in transactions. Then what about the transactions happening between entities who want to maintain secrecy or need authentication so that...

/ October 4, 2017

AaaC (Agile as a Culture)

Agile: Is it a Process or a Culture? AaaC (Agile as a Culture) When people are introduced to Agile, either of their own volition or through custom frameworks, they see or hear different terms, such as: Agile technology Agile process Agile deployment...

/ August 10, 2016

Realizing the Benefit

Every investment, or for that matter every minor change in any organization is done for a single objective i.e. the business benefit. There are various terms to describe it; it could be called ROI, cost, savings, time reduction and much more. Every...

/ July 18, 2016

Diagnosing the Problem Definition

Every problem has defined way of solution but most important step in a problem solving methodology is the problem definition. You do this step incorrectly, and the problem would become a mystery and you will keep going to and fro on the...

/ July 7, 2016

Collective Conscience – The New Game Changer

New launches and frequent updates of software and hardware have become a new norm. It is so for a car, motorcycle, applications, computers, laptops and most favourite of all mobile phones or ‘Smartphones’. This insane rush is not going to slow down...

/ July 5, 2016
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