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Somesh has been working with Zensar in Security Practice as a Global Practice Lead - Managed Threat Detection and Response. Somesh carries more than 22 years of Cyber Security experience in working with Global clients Managing Large security delivery team, developing and building successful Cyber Security SOC Practice, Cyber Security Product Offering and Development, Security Solution Architect, Delivery Assurance Manager, Consulting and CISO advisor. His proven expertise in SOC Platforms, Cloud Security, MSS offerings, Automation, AI/ML, SIEM, SOAR, Vulnerability Management, threat & risk management, Service management and application/software protections. Somesh is certified AWS Sol. Arch.

It’s about Money – Hack the Hacker Using Deception!

About the Financial Sector “Money” is one of the most driving motivations for adversaries to spend significant time on this sector. Advanced tooling, high pay-outs and a perimeter that has been redefined over the last year makes this sector very lucrative for...

/ February 26, 2021

Ensuring Proactive Cybersecurity Through Threat Hunting

Organizations today need to embrace the new digital world and embrace practices such as remote working, while also being aware that this new way of business expands attack surfaces by opening new doors for hackers to exploit by working opportunistically to take...

/ December 3, 2020
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