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Pankaj has been working with Zensar in Security Practice as a Data Security expert . Pankaj carries more than 14 years of Cyber Security experience in developing and building successful cyber security practice, product management, presales, business development, consulting, team supervision, successful launches, driving profits, increasing market shares and strengthening customer dominance. His proven expertise in data security, network & perimeter security, endpoint security, MSS offerings, AWS cloud security, SOC services, SIEM, SOAR, log management, vulnerability management, threat & risk management and application/software protections. He also holds CISSP and CISM certifications and a member in “good standing”.

Certificate Management – Challenges and How to Manage Effectively

In the digital foundation era, organizations are more and more dependent on digital information and digital entities which are also becoming a greater target for cyber attackers. In order to protect digital identities from aggressive external attackers and from insider malicious behavior...

/ October 19, 2020

Leveraging Data Classification to Ensure Data Protection

The COVID-19 era has impacted how many organizations used to work and highlighted the importance of better security governance and protection of data which is at risk and potentially a target of insider malicious behaviour or aggressive cybercriminals. While all organizations and...

/ October 9, 2020
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