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B2B Digital Commerce

Rethinking B2B Digital Commerce Investment Strategies

B2B, Distribution or CPG, call it what you may, is perhaps the least dynamic-looking industry of all of them out there. Although B2B accounts for over 80% of commerce transactions worldwide, it still is seen as just a provider to the more...

/ March 21, 2017

Loyalty Programs – Are They Worth It?

Monsoon Commerce recently hired a Chief Customer Officer, which got me thinking on the need for Loyalty Programs. The minute a person thinks of buying something that is part of your SKU, he or she becomes your prospective customer. That is where...

/ August 29, 2016

What Pokemon Go can do for your Retail Business

Pokemon Go is giving THE boost to Augmented Reality that it had been waiting for, for all these years. Apart from enraging the few millions like me from the countries that were not part of the initial launch of this heavily-sought-after game,...

/ August 29, 2016
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