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Captive Odyssey

The year was 1985 when a semiconductor giant, Texas Instruments (TI), made a rather gutsy move by setting up their overseas R&D centre at Bangalore, India. Gutsy for the reason that starting operations in India during the 80s meant facing obsolete government...

/ February 26, 2014

Technology Trends from NRF 2013, shaping next generation formats of Retail

Held annually in New York, Retail’s BIG Show is NRF’s flagship industry event attracted over 27,000 visitors this year. And like every year, the event was abuzz with new technologies that will define the retailers of tomorrow. Zensar’s Retail team was an...

/ November 27, 2013

Cyber Security Summit Wrap Up and Tips to Detect, Defend, Recover

Have you ever been to an event that left you wanting more when the subject matter just wasn’t up to par or even worse, an event that was almost entirely sales focused and you found yourself spending more time fixing yourself another...

/ September 30, 2013

Data Driven Marketing through Marketing Control Towers

Today’s new age millennial customers have started to influence in a big way retailers carry out their business. The biggest challenge that every retailer is facing today is managing connected customer’s interactions with the brand and the store. The best approach to...

/ July 31, 2013

Customer Experience Enrichment through Omni Channel

The biggies of Retail are embracing the Omni Channel opportunity by investing in capabilities to deliver it. Popular cases of successful retailers adopting Omni channel to deliver superior Customer experience are listed below

/ May 7, 2013

Transparency on Internet

In the internet age we are observing explosion of data and information. As one mentioned other day we as an individual are subject to 174 newspaper equivalent worth of information daily. The challenge is how we filter it to may be just...

/ April 2, 2013

Emerging markets: Emerged and submerging?

The title may seem pessimistically inclined especially to the sanguine world. Well, in my opinion saying it any other way would just make it an eye-wash. Rather than considering it an aberration from current belief, it has to be construed as a...

/ November 5, 2012

The Satyam saga ends

Friends, The curtains have come down on what has probably been the most exciting act ever played out by the IT industry on the stage of the Indian corporate sector. It all started for me personally when an irate investor from the...

/ April 14, 2009

Perspectives for Indian IT

Perspective 2020 – the NASSCOM-Mckinsey study The preview of the report presented today at the NASSCOM Leadership forum by the Mckinsey team has clearly spelled out the numerous benefits that the growth of the industry in the last ten years has delivered...

/ February 11, 2009

What is the Low Carbon Zensar

The Low Carbon Zensar movement is an attempt to catalyse grassroots action on the challenge of this generation’s Climate Change! Each one of us who would need to act, and act now! Here’s your chance – a few steps to come clean...

/ February 9, 2009
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