An AI-empowered marketer makes more meaningful connections to deliver exceptional experiences and spark consumer engagement. In the post-covid era, consumers have evolved in their online interactions and expect more from brands. Hence for the modern marketer it is critical to drive personalized end to end engagement at each interesting moment. Here is where, ‘Content’ plays a pivotal role. AI advances and accelerates marketers’ ability to remodel

‘content’ from one-size-fits-most, to deeply personalize, contextualize & predict interesting content. Let’s understand some more about ‘Content’ coupled with ‘Artificial Intelligence’.

Who uses Content AI?

If you are an early optimizer in the marketing game, AI may seem a little further away for you, but if you are already a matured player, then Content AI is your next step to Drive Demand and Growth leveraging predictive analytics. There are different groups in marketing that use Content AI-

  • Content Creation: Focus on what content to develop next, based on the predictive algorithm results.
  • Demand Generation: Craft Hyper-personalized outbound marketing campaigns.
  • Product Marketing: Understand which messaging is resonating for specific Industry/Region.
  • Thought Leadership: Customize content to generate awareness on new visions, market trends, analyst reviews etc., based on consumption patterns.

How does Content AI work?

AI already drives a lot of the content in your news feed or promotional ads. Online browsing behaviors, reading attention spans, scroll depths, type of content frequently viewed, work as fuel for Content AI. Typical know-how’s are –

  • Analyze performance of different assets for different audiences. Machine learning algorithms learn which content works best and for who in real-time
  • Determine what content gets recommended, through which channels and where.
  • Identify visual content, understand what was being seen, and then decide if a user would be interested in similar feed

Deliver value with Speed and Precision

Marketo’s ContentAI solution makes building campaigns to correspond to individual signals and preferences possible, at scale. It consolidates all of the interesting moments so that you can not only deliver value-based, relevant experiences, but also precisely determine the next, right interaction and experience simultaneously maximizing ROI.

Getting it right
Recommends simplest ways to present the right content, to the right person, at the right time & the right channel

Tailored emails
AI predicts the best content for specific audience segments, personalized per individual recipient

Put forth the highest performing Content
Multiple types of rich media assets with specific placements on websites strategically influence buyers

Predictive content engagement
Leverage triggers and filters to automate activities based on buyer’s engagement with predictive content recommendations

Zensar’s passionate creative arm has crafted multiple smart experiences by leveraging Marketo’s ContentAI module, delivering powerful results, thus enabling strategic clients achieve business goals.
Equipped with actionable, data-driven insights, organizations can predict content consumption thus optimizing resources while driving meaningful customer experiences. As AI evolves, a marketers’ ability to translate content into decisions, meaningful interactions, and impactful business outcomes is no longer science fiction. Are you ready to plunge in content powered by AI? Speak to our experts today.

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Manish Bhave and Hemlata Shastri

Posted by Manish Bhave and Hemlata Shastri

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