Month: October 2020

Digital Underwriting in the Insurance Industry

Modern consumers are used to having everything at the touch of a button – including personal loans and insurance policies. Gone are the days when insurance agents would visit prospects with lengthy forms and show them various projections with paper and pen....

/ October 21, 2020

Certificate Management – Challenges and How to Manage Effectively

In the digital foundation era, organizations are more and more dependent on digital information and digital entities which are also becoming a greater target for cyber attackers. In order to protect digital identities from aggressive external attackers and from insider malicious behavior...

/ October 19, 2020

Active Learning in Conversational AI

Conversational Artificial Intelligence is a set of technologies that enable machines to simulate conversations and come up with the most appropriate answers. Gartner estimates that by 2020, 25% of all customer service support channels will be augmented with interactive virtual assistants. The...

/ October 15, 2020

Leveraging Data Classification to Ensure Data Protection

The COVID-19 era has impacted how many organizations used to work and highlighted the importance of better security governance and protection of data which is at risk and potentially a target of insider malicious behaviour or aggressive cybercriminals. While all organizations and...

/ October 9, 2020
decoupling storage and compute

Benefits of decoupling storage and compute

All data generated by applications or digital systems carries value and can be exploited; however, identifying the relevant data and its efficient consumption requires deep business acumen and analytical orientation. The exponential amount of data being generated across digital channels has forced...

/ October 8, 2020
digital payment banner

The evolution of digital payments

The nature of money and payment systems have changed drastically over the years. From a simple barter system followed thousands of years ago, the advent of currency and cash transactions, to digital payments powered by cutting-edge technology – there has been a...

/ October 5, 2020
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