Digital transformation is no longer an option for firms. With most industries competing on customer experience and functioning on wafer-thin margins, technology has proven to be a key enabler for success by introducing automation and transparency in various processes. Still, many companies were not so far along the way until pushed to adopt remote working protocols and turn to automation in the face of social distancing during the COVID-era. Presently, a major chunk of the population is working, learning, and shopping remotely. Even the banking and insurance sectors have fastened the pace of digital transformation, investing more and more in technologies like collaborative software, AR/VR, blockchain, etc., which increases the requirement of seamless testing across locations and devices for a safe and enjoyable end-user experience.

COVID-19, Digital Transformation and CX

Though there’s no data present at the moment to gauge how much the COVID crisis is spurring digital transformation, according to industry sources, a recent survey of IT managers revealed digital transformation as a top business priority across industries. McKinsey has also highlighted the need to pivot to digital models to meet customers where they are and provide them with what they need from the comfort and safety of their homes. According to this report, during the COVID crisis, there has been a 20% increase in online penetration in China, and e-commerce sales of consumer goods have increased in Italy. Even fitness companies that have adopted an app-based model at this time have registered a phenomenal increase in app downloads and new sign-ups.

Today, we all know that limited movement has resulted in increased screen time. Since customers are regularly using multiple connected devices, optimizing and improving their digital experiences is the key to success. This will result in lower costs and higher satisfaction.

Focus on efficient usage of the workforce has led to an increase in the adoption of automation. The use of AR/VR is on the rise, especially in BFSI, e-commerce, and real estate, to provide an immersive in-person experience remotely. However, the success of these technologies depends on proper testing to identify and remove any experiential and security flaws, which calls for seamless testing on real devices across carriers and geographical locations.

Delivering Customer Delight

As we’ve already discussed, a move to digital is imminent – however, it is not enough to sustain in these rapidly changing times. As always, customer is king, and customer delight is the only way to succeed. 

CX has been a top priority for businesses for almost a decade now. Technology integration has made it easier for companies in various sectors, including retail, HTM, and BFSI, to curate personalized experiences for their customers. Today, the hyper-connected customer expects everything on-demand and is ready to pay for it. From same-day deliveries to seamless shopping and support across multiple devices and channels to instantaneous query resolution – customers expect companies to anticipate and fulfill their requirements effortlessly. With most people preferring to stay indoors as much as possible, brick and mortar stores and businesses that were previously tied down to a physical location, are making a foray into the digital space. The end result is more choice for customers, and an urgent need for businesses to create a flawless digital experience to gain, as well as retain, the competitive edge. It is, thus, vital to invest in Digital experience and performance testing of your apps and websites before they are launched in the market.

Various factors impact your apps’ and websites’ performance. From the type of device to network to the relevant network providers – all these things contribute to your app’s performance, and ultimately your CX. A survey suggests that “speed and efficiency are the cornerstones of the customer experience,” and 52% of consumers are happy to pay more for better speed and efficiency. 

At Zensar, as key enablers of digital transformation across industries, we understand the importance of seamless, enjoyable, and disruption-free digital experiences. Besides offering touchless transition services to make a move to digital, we are also working on a new offering to empower our clients with user experience intelligence to protect and optimize their experience frontiers. For this offering, we have partnered with HeadSpin, a digital experience intelligence platform that enables mobile testing on handheld devices while also providing a connected customer experience platform for crucial insights. The set-up focuses on real user experience through device simulation at the server-side for the bulk of the load. A few devices across the geography inject some load to check the real-time performance while the transaction load is on the server.

HeadSpin offers a catalog of 35,000 Android, iOS, and Windows-based mobile devices in 160+ locations and 100+ countries across approximately 1,000+ unique carrier and broadband networks worldwide. In addition to the comprehensive device inventory, HeadSpin has also spent considerable time and intellectual property in building a connected intelligence platform that enables remotely accessing the devices for testing, seamless integration of customized test automation frameworks and analyzing application experience insights.

In case you are wondering why this is important – let us take a simple example of using a mobile application in the real world. You would agree that the app’s performance may differ according to the strength of your network, broadband, or data (again 4G or 5G), type of device (Android or iOS; whether 4G enabled or not? device manufacturer), number of background applications, geographic location, etc. But what if you could pinpoint these issues and fix them before launching your app in the market? 

We make this possible with Digital 360 Assurance that gives you the advantage of comprehensive testing on real devices in your choice of geographies. Our experts test your digital assets across hundreds of case scenarios by selectively deploying each testing framework on the large inventory of devices. A connected AI platform also provides actionable insights that can be fixed to improve app performance considerably. 


  • Comprehensive managed testing services across the product lifecycle using an AI/ML-based test automation platform.
  • Access to 35,000+ mobile devices across 100+ countries for Digital Experience Assurance.
  • Enterprise-grade testing frameworks executed on a connected intelligence platform for rapid deployment and in-depth reporting.
  • Pay-as-you-go and scale on-demand across multiple products or at an enterprise-wide level.

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Shikhar Puri and Krishna Mohan Jandhyala

Posted by Shikhar Puri and Krishna Mohan Jandhyala

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