Never was the power of technology so beautifully put to use until the recent few years, where every leader from across domains has leveraged it to delight customers and employees alike. Technology has democratized engagement and experience, empowered organizations, and, most importantly, HR like never before. In fact, this has now turned into the secret sauce of digitally engaging with people and giving power in their hands to experience HR anytime, anywhere; catapulting faster connects, enhanced productivity, and ease of operations.

The core paradigm shift that has occurred is laudable- we now consider employees as internal customers. While in traditional systems the emphasis was on ‘employees will understand the systems,’ the digital age is focused around delighting and surprising them with rich virtual experiences. This is a truth that cannot be overlooked owing to the fact that people are now exposed to the best of experiences across platform based interactions on a day-to-day basis.

Hence hyper-personalization and memorable digital interactions are forming the core of digital experience of employees, leaving them happy and awe-inspired. A Gartner report states that disengaged workforce results in up to 40% reduced productivity and 26% higher probability of churn in the first six months of joining. Now isn’t that thought-provoking?  Enough testimonies are there to support this finding, and organizations are waking up to the fact of making experience as the core of HR Digital.

Zensar’s focus and strategy of digital transformation, launched in 2016, has been an area of study in Harvard and IITs in India. Every digital offering developed in-house has the employee at the centre. Intense research went into reimagining the interactions on every platform. HR has been at the centerstage of Digital Transformation in Zensar with prime focus on:

  • Rich employee experience
  • Deeper employee engagements
  • Agile, anytime, anywhere HR process experience
  • 24/7 HR assistance
  • Personalized digital HR assistance

The results of this have been phenomenal and gratifying for HR. 100% of our employees are connected digitally in current times. This transformation has given us food for thought to reach out to our customers and enable them to transform their organizations.

Spotting the Moments that Matter

Achieving digital transformation with disintegrated workflows driven by opaque systems is an unconquerable feat. To counter this, the Zensar leadership team embarked on a structured transformation journey based on spotting and documenting the critical moments that matter to employees using digitalization to create relevant and personalized solutions that are:

  • Technology-enabled
  • Connected
  • Transparent
  • Personalized
  • Interactive and fast

The Living Digital Philosophy

Zensar’s Living Digital philosophy stands on the strong pillar of transforming every touchpoint in the employee lifecycle and building the right tools and interactions around it.

Our adept teams digitalized all critical HR and corporate processes by leveraging the robust AI-enabled platforms connecting multiple systems, thus, enhancing system intuitiveness and eliminating cumbersome paperwork. This enabled employees to execute more value-added tasks and facilitated 100% data-backed decisions without any human bias.

Currently, AI is being leveraged as an accelerator to deliver the right intelligence at the right moment to achieve personalization at scale. By integrating digital and AI in the daily lives of our employees, we’ve simplified employee interactions and created a future-ready HR organizational framework that is entirely touch-free and relevant to the current times.

Design thinking, journey mapping, agile methodology, and process engineering to supplement the above were key aspects that turned the Living Digital philosophy into a truly holistic one.

Living Digital philosophy

The Wheel of HR Digital, as we like to call it, presents the seamless integration of various experiences within the employee lifecycle. Every touchpoint has been seamlessly backed by AI and simple, unified systems as well as easy to understand, navigable process flows. Autonomy over career progression through a performance management module, access to the latest developments in process and technology, a simplified channel to share feedback for continuous improvement – the count is endless. And all of these smartly enabled on an intuitive mobile-based platform.

This digital platform uses AI to personalize career growth mapping by designing training paths and notifying the relevant technical and behavioral modules. Job rotation and internal fulfillment are maneuvered by an AI-powered skill matching engine, leading to accurate resource utilization and cost optimization. Besides logging achievements against goals, tracking performance, and managing leaves online, employees also benefit immensely from a bespoke chatbot, which offers an end-to-end solution for all queries and grievances.

Digital triggered Cultural Shift

Any digital shift in culture, to one which is smart, agile, modern, and accepting, is possible with the right swing. Realizing this at the early stages of the Living Digital journey, we embarked on a massive cultural shift, which has been a driving force of the strategy within.

In addition to introducing several changes in the people-centric processes for creating a more engaged, transparent, and competitive work environment, we worked closely with employees on-ground to help them embrace a digital-first mindset. 

Digital-first adoption involved outreach through focused internal communication interventions, top-down communication, organization-wide conversations, emerging of digital-first communities, rewarding adoption behaviors, and more. Dedicated training resources to acclimatize to the sweeping changes enabled the transition towards a situation where employees could use digital platforms seamlessly.

Another significant factor that augmented Living Digital was the employee-led innovation model, which encouraged crowdsourcing of ideas across the organization. This open forum resulted in increased employee productivity and created an aligned workforce that personally experienced the benefits of Living Digital.

Enabling a ‘Humané’ Work Culture

While Zensar, as on organization, has already walked and fully embraced the journey of Living Digital, the COVID-19 pandemic is witnessing the peak of digital adoption with tasks managed remotely, acing the use of digital communication and collaboration tools across the industries.

In this phase of COVID -19, change management, and introspection about the way forward for HR, we have realized that organizations shall now require smart and savvy digital platforms to drive employee engagement, boost experience and align with the business.

To support this dire need of digital shift and build a connected organization, Zensar has built Humané, a proprietary Experience solution (EX) – based on employee experience journey to benefit clients.

Humané has three core services at its center – consulting, technical, and transformative.

Consulting deals with gathering inputs from critical stakeholders in the HR process, including employees, leaders, IT teams, and process owners. Based on this, Humané offerings can be customized to fix the gaps identified in employee experience and meet the client’s business goals.

For technical services, Humané assists and pilots rigorous testing to set the pace for digital transition.

The third and the most crucial aspect of the Humané offering is transformation, which includes cultural change and creating an employee experience center of excellence to drive and sustain this positive change. We believe Humané has the power to act as a booster to drive the HR Digital experience.

If you are at a crossroads and pondering over a platform to enrich organizational excellence with a focus on employee experience, and an engaged and productive workforce, then Humané has it all.

You can get in touch with us at and to know more you can visit to learn about its various capabilities.

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Vivek Ranjan, Chief Human Resource Officer, Zensar

Posted by Vivek Ranjan, Chief Human Resource Officer, Zensar

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