Cloud computing is beyond the hype status and has now matured to enable a stable ecosystem for enterprises to adopt. The resultant benefits are encouraging organizations to make decisions in the direction of increased cloud adoption.

Organizations have seen many IT systems and services move to cloud, but the trend on cloud adoption is more towards generic software applications. They are a bit cautious towards cloud adoption for more complex and mission-critical applications such as ERP, core transactional applications, or enterprise-wide integration platforms.

Besides the more obvious reason to switch to the cloud – reduced Total Cost of Ownership(TCO) – there are other benefits in terms of the ‘pay-as-you-go’ or subscription pricing models, increased adoption of the standard processes thereby significant reduction in maintenance cost and effort.

Cloud Service Models

At a broad level, the cloud services models fall into three essential services – IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS

Cloud Service Models

The adoption dilemma

There are strong cases in favor of on-premises vs. cloud application adoption and a further drill down reveals more fundamental questions such as- How do we manage customizations in the cloud? Does cloud offer sophisticated business process mapping capabilities? Are there too many integrations to the current system? Are there any funding limitations? Is there a way to quantify benefits in non-TCO terms? Besides these questions, firms also have challenges such as lack of enough time to focus on strategy, insufficient time for analysis, insufficient knowledge of functionality in cloud etc.

Be assured about your decision to move to cloud!

Zensar’s intelligent cloud adoption platform – Cruise to Cloud, addresses all the above challenges.  Cruise to Cloud is an end-to-end services platform that helps organizations in their cloud adoption journey right from strategy and assessment to Implementations to cloud migrations, be it EBS (E-business Suite) or SOA (Service-oriented Architecture) workload migrations to cloud.

Cruise to Cloud Assessment – An automated cloud migration assessment tool, which reduces the traditional assessment timelines from 4 weeks to less than a week. It provides actionable insights, comprehensive TCO calculations, and an objective mapping score of the customers’ EBS installation vis-à-vis Oracle Cloud Applications. 

Our tool comprehensively and intuitively reads EBS installations, discovers the functionalities and customizations in use, and provides a numeric fitment score that helps customers to make an objective decision on their cloud migration decision.

Data collected by powerful, efficient, non-data-altering collection programs provide comprehensive details – insights into the current installation, functionality, and customization mapping to cloud functionalities, fitment index, and TCO calculator.

Cruise to Cloud Assessment

With minimal time requirements from the customer’s IT and business teams, Zensar’s assessment team can provide a comprehensive report with recommendations on cloud migration options. 

The automated report provides

  • As-is Solution Footprint
    • Functional Modules
    • Technical Details – RICEFW (Reports, Interface, Conversion, Enhancements, Forms, and Workflow) details
  • Assessment
    • Mapping of in-use EBS Functionalities to Cloud Applications
    • Mapping of custom components with usage
  • Recommendation on Cloud Adoption
    • An automated Fitment score calculated based on a proprietary scoring logic built on the functionality usage, business criticality of the functionality and the relevant EBS modules
    • Recommendation on the cloud adoption
    • Recommendation on cloud subscription components
      • SaaS – Oracle Cloud modules of ERP, HCM, manufacturing, etc
      • PaaS – Oracle PaaS components such as Java Cloud, Integration Cloud etc
      • IaaS Components – Suggested Oracle Cloud Infrastructure components along with sizing
    • Roadmap for adoption – phased vs. big-bang
    • High-Level Timelines for the recommended route

Oracle Cloud provides a variety of offerings and solutions. The possibilities and the paths to cloud adoption are many, and every organization’s requirements are unique and very specific to them. For one organization moving to OCI may make sense; for another, a hybrid solution with co-existing on-premises and cloud ERP may solve the problem; while for some customers a complete cloud adoption – IaaS, PaaS and SaaS may be needed.  

Zensar’s experienced cloud migration assessment experts understand this essential difference and provide tailored recommendations for every customer.

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