Digitalization of Business Process Automation is emerging as an important step in the evolution of Business Process Management (BPM) domain. This change is driven by the growing need for businesses to be agile and rapidly automate processes, focusing on their digital transformation initiatives. According to Gartner, around 68% of organizations indicated that business process management is an important agenda at the managerial level, and around 56% of organizations anticipated that they would increase their investment in efficiency, over the next one year.

Process Automation Business Drivers

BPM is a business-driven technology for creating, executing and optimizing business processes. It involves a combination of process modelling, automation, execution, control, measurement and optimization of the business process flows that are aligned with enterprise goals, spanning systems, employees, customers and business partners. For years BPM technologies have been an integral part of many organization’s digital transformation strategies.

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) has been gaining popularity as the latest automation tool to drive workplace efficiency and productivity.  RPA and BPM are complementary to each other and provide a connected intelligence experience. When deployed together, these provide a powerful platform to enable organization-wide digital transformation.

In short, BPM serves as the core process-user interface with end-to-end process integrations, whereas RPA provides an automated solution to elevate manual and repeated day-to-day clerical process activities on the BPM system.

Benefits of Digitization in Business Process Automation
Benefits of Digitalization in Business Process Automation

Process Automation Case study

The client is the second largest bank in South Africa and offers personalized customer experiences driven by innovation. They are focused on a broader ecosystem with focus on digitalization of operations.

Zensar identified more than 56 processes in their Asset Finance business, that were hampering seamless customer experience and increasing operational costs, thereby time to market. There were several redundant steps in tasks, that put a break in the accountability and productivity of the business. Existing systems across various lines of businesses were operationally inefficient as process metrics and KPIs were not monitored.

Zensar Solution

Zensar developed an industry-agnostic fully automated business-driven process solution to replace a manual workflow management system, document management and imaging system. It transforms business driven processes with conversational AI and chatbots.

The solution has a unique framework that leverages various Oracle PaaS components and Oracle Digital Assistant to address the pain points. We also prescribed no-code RPA solutions to automate manual repetitive tasks with Business applications.

[11:33 AM] Nupur Sahu      Business Process Automation on Oracle Cloud

Key Features and Benefits of the solution

  • 80% increase in accountability and productivity with improved process efficiency by removal of bottlenecks and elimination of redundant steps.
  • 70% improved customer satisfaction with timely exchange of data through automated process, chatbots and messaging apps.
  • 100% scalable, flexible solutions for future rich enterprise applications.
  • Achieved lower operational costs through no-code RPA solutions.
  • Easy integration of process, content, and SaaS applications for greater agility and efficiency.
  • Enhanced visibility and agility by harmonizing concept-to-market, banking and customer service processes. Reduced time-to market.
  • Improved customer acquisition, wallet-share and retention.
  • More control and support with metrics tracking. Improved process analytics with intuitive KPI reporting and quick MIS reports.
  • Adopted cloud solutions in a fully provisioned environment to save time and money.

Click here to know more on Zensar’s Oracle capabilities.

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