Artificial intelligence (AI) is migrating from the confines of research labs into our everyday lives at lightning-fast speeds. Even though its early applications remained limited, recent advancements made in the space of deep learning have bolstered the potential of AI to tackle more complex roadblocks. Leading market players across industry verticals are leveraging this technological advancement to improve products, services, performances, and customer interactions.

The development of Salesforce Einstein Platform has empowered organizations of any size or structure to build AI-enabled applications and smart assistants with the help of declarative, easy to use point-and-click tools.

Why AI matters in Business Operations?

The recent advancements in the field of AI have made it capable of automating complex tasks that require both agility and adaptability. This has empowered the technology to improve organizational operations at every level.

The next wave of AI will focus on continually adapting existing processes based on past experiences. This will have a long-reaching impact in areas such as customer targeting- now a key focus for businesses owing to a growing need for personalization. To be able to leverage these developments, businesses must integrate AI functionalities into different aspects of their operations.

Role of Salesforce Einstein in AI Integration

The Einstein platform by Salesforce is an intelligent tool embedded in their cloud. It helps an organization identify the most crucial business insights, predicts the implications of these insights, and offers recommendations on the best course of action.

Here are some ways Salesforce Einstein brings the power of AI to your day-to-day business operations:

Sales: Einstein offers a range of features such as activity capture, insights on accounts, opportunity and contacts, and lead scoring to help sales representatives follow the right leads and increase conversions.

Services: Einstein can transform the customer service experience by enabling Salesforce contact centres to automatically extract customer insights in real-time using a combination of AI and machine learning capabilities.

Marketing: The AI platformenables users to predict the best channel, timing and content to optimize the outreach of a marketing message to your target audience. It also helps you generate campaign content based on the customer’s needs. 

Brand Building: Einstein has the potential to transform your brand image by recommending suitable content for different demographics of customers. The power of AI can also be an extremely valuable tool in customising feeds, generating topics of discussions, offering answers to customer queries and recommending articles.

Analytics: The Einstein platform optimizes the ability of your CRM to analyse billions of data points to generate predictive insights and prescriptive recommendations based on these insights.

Commerce: This AI-powered tool can tip the scales of commerce in your favour by recommending the right products and offers to the right set of customers at the right time. It also augments the order value with cutting-edge features such as architecture blueprint, order management, mobile site reference and Google Pay integration.

Key Features of Einstein

Here’s how this multi-faceted Einstein platform manifests into your business operations:

  • Voice input: This feature leverages AI to listen to what the users speak and acts as your ears on the ground.
  • Natural Language Understanding: It has an advanced ability to understand what the users are saying. It spots keywords and deciphers the meaning of those words to respond accordingly.
  • Voice output: It can talk back to the users rather than just display the relevant information on a screen.
  • Intelligent Interpretation: It can predict user behaviour based on an analysis of past behaviour, demographic profile and context.
  • Agency: It proactively takes intuitive actions on things that users haven’t necessarily requested for. For example, smart assistants can schedule follow-up meetings if they find unfinished action on certain items in the meeting notes.

Integrating Einstein in Your Business

  • Out-of-the-Box Applications: AI is embedded into applications already in use such as Sales, Service, Commerce or Marketing Cloud, making it an inherent part of the Salesforce UI. This way every business can leverage AI across a spectrum of functions, roles, and industries.
  • The Einstein Platform: This platform recognizes the different needs of different business operations and offers tools that enable developers and admins to build customized smart assistants attuned to their requirements.

Writing on the Wall

The Einstein platform has delivered tangible results for a lot of businesses. These figures speak for themselves:

  • 2.35x increase in lead conversion for top-ranked leads using Sales Cloud Einstein Lead Scoring.
  • 20% increase in the productivity of sales rep with Sales Cloud Einstein Activity Capture due to a reduction in time spent on tasks such as manual data entry.
  • Jump to 71% from8-15% in open rates for new product emails. 
  • 9.6% growth in conversion rate and 15.5% growth in revenue owing to Commerce Cloud Einstein Product Recommendations.
  • 98% accuracy in flagging compliant display images leading to an increase in the field rep productivity using Einstein Vision.

AI has an undeniable influence in all walks to life. In this milieu, an AI-powered platform such as Salesforce Einstein can transform your daily operations with the help of predictive intelligence and empower your business with the ability to focus time and effort in cultivating strong customer relationships and better customer experiences.

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